Downloading Our Divine Qualities – A Practice of Self Love

I Love MyselfWe all know intellectually that we are supposed to “Love Ourselves.” We’ve spent decades shedding layers of guilt, regret, shame, remorse, self-hatred, self-judgment, unworthiness and undeservingness. We’ve read books, gone to seminars, practiced looking in the mirror and saying: “I love you” to our reflections. We’ve practiced pampering ourselves, even indulging ourselves and yet, for many, we stand on our new 4D/5D playing fields and quiver from our inability (still) to fully love ourselves. How can we address this, because loving ourselves is a requirement for entering these more refined realms?

Around the time of the 12-12-12 Portal I was working with some powerful invocations from Sandra Walter. Part of this process was invoking (calling forth) the highest, purest form of my divine Self that would serve the next part of my journey. As I resonate with the angelic realm, I called forth my highest angelic Self that could integrate within my physical form at this time. The next day I went searching through Google images to find a golden angel that fit my mental picture of this being. I did not succeed.

Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel

Two days later, this article by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan appeared on Lucas2012infos, featuring Archangel Chamuel. I instantly recognized the image as “my” golden angel. And I was delighted to know that one of her main qualities was self love. I was so enchanted with this image that I decided to make a desktop of it on my computer. Then each time I turned the computer on or off, Archangel Chamuel popped up, requiring me to look into the mirror of self love.

As the days went by, I noticed how much I actually look like HER! I began to spend a few minutes looking into her eyes and asking myself: “What divine qualities do you see?” I started a list: she offers reassurance — all is well; openness; kindness; innocence; presence; peace; contentment; radiance; softness; serenity; steadfastness; tenderness; health; she is a healer; self-reliance; grace; beauty; sovereignty; purity; she is trusting; trustworthy; whole/complete; self-loving; calm; confident; composed and relaxed. . . .

At least twice a day I do this simple exercise. Believe me, it’s not always easy looking into the eyes of an archangel. As I gaze at her, I ask that Her Divine Qualities be downloaded into my cells, into my DNA. I ask her to help me love myself more fully and to embrace and embody these qualities of my angelic self in service to my spiritual journey.

It takes only a few moments. I’ve noticed lately that I am exhibiting more of these qualities in my daily life; they are indeed developing. Easily, actually! And I keep seeing more Divine Qualities to download.

So now I invite YOU to download your own Divine Qualities. Perhaps you already have a favorite Archangel, Ascended Master, Saint or Spiritual Teacher whom you emulate.  Perhaps you are already looking into their eyes via a photograph or another kind of image. If not, browse through Google images and find one of your heart’s choosing. If you are unfamiliar with that Lighted Being, use Google again to discover their strengths of character. Make a desktop or a photograph and begin to look into your own mirror of self love.

Don’t be shy. They are all waiting for us to ask. And they are so very generous when we do.

18 thoughts on “Downloading Our Divine Qualities – A Practice of Self Love

  1. I discovered that ‘my’ arch angel, the one I resonate with, is Michael – Protection. I had such a strong sense of being protected, some time ago when I was in a vulnerable state. I felt a physical presence. It was an extraordinary experience.
    I have not ‘connected’ for quite some time – thank you for the reminder. An important lesson for me here…
    Blessings be.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience with AA Michael. He is strong in protection. How wonderful that you felt his physical presence. I’m happy this post reminded you of your connection with him. Blessed Be, Alia

  2. Self love is one of my “projects” that I have found the hardest to maintain, I love your process and ideas…thanks for sharing them….they include a closure on the process which then you can use on a regular basis … this post!!!!!!

    • You are in illustrious company regarding this “project” my friend. One of the reasons I chose this topic is that it is foundational to our spiritual awakening and also because everyone I know (definitely myself) stumbles over this issue of self-love. It is epidemic, pandemic! We ALL need to ease up on ourselves, be kinder, more gentle, less critical and judgmental. Archangel Chamuel is beautiful; still I find myself wriggling uncomfortably when I look deeply into her eyes, even for short periods.

      One of the statements from this message from Archangel Chamuel sums it up so well: “*Humans are funny creatures. We dont always understand you but we always stand by you. You do not feel loved even when someone who loves [you] stands face to face and proclaims their love.”* * * As I gaze at her image on my desktop, it’s like I cannot keep eye contact for very long. It is hard to believe that I am loved so much. This tells me how much I still need to work on loving myself and letting myself feel loved. Let’s keep practicing, shall we? Alia

      On Sat, Jan 19, 2013 at 4:50 PM, 13th Paradigm

  3. The exercise of looking at the image of a Lighted Being and bringing those qualities into myself reminds me of the Sufi Dancing in Breitenbush, where we started the session walking as if we were the saint or other High Being that we were connecting with.

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