Week Nine: Let Your Love Light Shine !

This week’s visioning comes in four easy steps. If possible, please do this daily.

Step One:  Imagine yourself as a Lighthouse — shining your powerful beacon of Love/Light out for all to see and use as a means for guiding themselves to calm waters.

Ground yourself firmly into bedrock. Even if you are battered by HUGE waves, NOTHING can shake your foundation.

Your Body is the Lighthouse. Imagine it is made of Liquid Golden Loving Living Light! This burnished golden light blazes forth from the top of your crown chakra blessing, healing and lighting the way for all beings in your world.

NOW – imagine you can extend your height — Up — Up — UP — a mile into the sky!  NOW – HOW MUCH FARTHER CAN YOUR LIGHT EXTEND?! IMAGINE THAT!!

Step Two:  Choose one of the following two options and watch or read with as much positive FEELING as you can:  Use the Cobra Weekly Global meditation here:


Or —  Use the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Visualization here:


Step Three:  Meditate at least once a day either in conjunction with the first two steps or at another time.

Step Four:  Walk through your day as a Lighthouse with as much JOY-LOVE-PEACE as your heart can hold.

Link to Blossom Goodchild Message re-posted from The  2012 Scenario.


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