Week Eight – Vision for A Sovereign Co-Creator

Imagine waking up each day and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that THIS day is YOURS to create as a Sovereign Co-Creator.

As your eyes let in the dawn’s first light, begin to choose those loved ones, those special animal friends, those joyous activities, those celebrations, ceremonies and harmonious situations that will make up THIS day.

If it appears that your day will be full of those duties and responsibilities that still populate the 3rd dimension — family, career, social “obligations” — extend your heart’s love to each of these “requirements” (as you lie quietly under your warm covers) and bless each of them. Then one at a time, bring them lovingly into your heart and make peace with each of them.

Promise  your Self that you will allow as many moments of JOY into each day as your heart can hold.

With eyes fully open now  — and with a grateful heart — arise from your bed and step into your Creation.

4 thoughts on “Week Eight – Vision for A Sovereign Co-Creator

  1. Alia, This site just takes my breath away. How wonderful. I love the art work, and I notice it changes and each change is more beautiful than the one before. What a incredible vision I will hold it in my heart and minds eye. This is all so very wonderful. I will so love coming here. Bless you dear friend.
    Love and Light, Scarlett

    • Thank you Dear Heart. I love the colors and the changing banners too. This week’s vision represents a new era in my own openness to receiving. There will be more like this in the coming weeks. I so appreciate you.

  2. This is beautiful Alia! I love it. It goes beautifully with Code #46 from the 52 Codes for Conscious Self-Evolution which talks about being free from fear, allowing the {Creative} Life Force to flow unimpeded and conflicted as Me, as US! When I have consciously focused on JOY and JOYFULLY Co-creating my day, I am free from fear.
    Love and Light-Polli
    PS – Love the Blog-site

    • Thank you Dear Polli,
      It is so appreciated that you drew the comparison between this week’s Code 46 and this week’s vision. Believe me, it did not cross my mind at all. The vision came as a “download” while walking on the beach Sunday morning. I love the synchronicity. Blessings

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