2016 — Welcoming Heaven on Earth


Welcome to this New Year, 2016!

As some of you long term readers may have noticed, the bi-line on my blog changes each year. Last year’s focus was on presenting evidence of Heaven appearing on Earth. We saw progress in the fields of free energy, cities, regions and countries saying NO to GMO foods, innovative materials and approaches to building homes and living more sustainably and numerous instances of small groups and individuals making a positive difference in their neighborhoods and communities.

We have been living for three years now in the “new energies” of our Galactic journey after having crossed the ecliptic on December 21, 2012. Many people still maintain the position that “nothing happened” that day, that people are suffering more today than three years ago; that war and terrorism seem more pervasive and more people live in abject poverty than ever before.

In my personal experience nothing could be further from the truth. I took to heart that “crossing the date line,” as I call the December 21, 2012 marker, signaled the flow of energy into a completely new direction: one that supported (funded) a new paradigm of cooperation, unity, collaboration, flow, abundance — ultimately, unconditional love between all sentient beings on our planet, thus bringing Peace to our planet, once and forever.

I am stepping boldly forward this year and stating that 2016 will see us actually welcoming Heaven on Earth. I believe that in spite of the mainstream media’s daily attempts to convince us that Armageddon is at hand, that this is exactly the kinds of events that are no longer “funded” by our Galactic Center. The game has moved on (although some of the major players still think they can keep playing the old paradigm game ad infinitum) and the stage is actually set for Peace and Prosperity for all Humanity.

The new energies are funding Freedom: freedom from financial tyranny and fraud; freedom from weaponized food; freedom from mind control through electronic devices (starting with TV and continuing through the “marvelous inventions” of the latest issue of hand-held devices.) Freedom from living conditions created and maintained to keep the masses uninformed, unhealthy and perpetually distracted with “things to do!”

I turned off my TV in 1993, stopped listening to the radio and reading newspapers. I did this with the intention to develop my own thoughts and opinions about my own life. Twenty years of living like this has given me a very different perspective on my world. It has allowed me to see through some of the blatant lies and some of the shiny veneers regarding the latest gadgets and gizmos that were/are supposed to make my life “better!”

Instead, I have focused my attention of how I can live a fulfilling and happy life according to MY OWN STANDARDS. This has been challenging at times but has brought me to a place within myself that many people around me admire and some are inspired by.

I have taken to heart that everything I need for a beautiful and satisfying life is WITHIN ME. I understand that my own thoughts and emotions project themselves outward from me and return to me IN KIND. So I pay close attention to what I think and feel.

That is the key to working with these new energies of our New Paradigm.

My fellow blogger, Brenda Hoffman, has recently posted two blogs about creating our “security blanket New Earth dream.” My own involves setting up a home base here in the US after living in Morocco for 20 months. Interestingly, I have a home base there. Almost miraculously, my new home in America is coming into existence. It is happening because it is time for this to happen and because the energies are supporting EVERYONE to have food, clothing, shelter, water and fulfilling activities in which to engage!

This is a thrilling process. It is a product of three decades of intention and envisioning falling into place. It involves other people, some of whom I haven’t met yet. This might seem fantastical to some but for me, I can see that it is a product of my own thoughts and emotions beginning to take physical form.

So this year I welcome Heaven on Earth and I invite you to join me. I am posting the links to Brenda’s last two posts, as her messages continue to inspire and inform me each week and thus she is one of those I have not yet met but with whom I am co-creating MY NEW EARTH PARADIGM.

Have a heavenly 2016!

Create and Celebrate by Brenda Hoffman

New Frequencies are Waiting by Brenda Hoffman

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