A Prayer Ceremony for the Equinox 3-20-2015

I offer this suggestion for honoring the Earth on Friday, March 20, 2015. It was sent to me by my dear sister, Blue Star-Deerwomon, who created it for this particular Equinox-Eclipse Special.

A Prayer for Friday

A suggestion for a collective visualization come this Friday with the awesome planetary configurations. Find a sweet earth spot and with your finger or a stick draw a circle. Gather earth elements and place them in the circle according to your inner, organic and intuitive self. Kiss each item if you like before placing them there. Say thanks and remind the Mother, Sophia Gaia that you wish to remain as close to her as possible and that you are grateful for the home she has provided for you. Then look to the sky, recognize creator as you know that to be and welcome all of your soul to come through you to your beautiful circle. Place your hand upon your perfect alignment of elements, send it your most heartful energy and then place your hand on your heart and say over and over and over “I Love Who I Am” and then whatever else resonates from your beautiful, loving be-ingness. Consider your prayers heard, relax, maybe lay down upon the earth and RELAX, allow, receive and maybe even take a snooze. Goddess knows you deserve it. Aho and I Love You!

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