Calling All Armchair Activists — We Need You Now

Armchair ActivistAlia’s Comments: This is NOT my typical post and NOT my usual content.

It IS an opportunity to practice what Bradley Loves suggested in THIS POST. It is an opportunity to practice saying: “I DO NOT CONSENT!”

In this short video, the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer, former Minister of Defense and former acting Prime Minister of Canada, “discloses” some blunt facts about our world’s fraudulent banking system and the crime cabal that runs our planet in the guise of corporations and governments. He further discusses the US Corporate Government’s nearly 70-year cover-up of an extra-terrestrial presence on Earth and warns Americans in particular that he feels we have only a small window of MONTHS, rather than years, left to WAKE UP and RECTIFY our situation.

This is a brilliant, grounded presentation by someone who has great credentials by any of the world’s standards. It’s a wonderful piece to share with someone who is just beginning to get informed about what the heck is and has been going on here and why doesn’t our government just “fix it?”

I Do Not ConsentWHAT CAN ONE PERSON (I) DO? You might ask.

YOU CAN CONSCIOUSLY WITHDRAW YOUR CONSENT — from ANYTHING and EVERYTHING with which you do not agree. You can also GIVE your consent (I do consent!) to those things with which you DO agree.

As you watch this video, practice stopping the tape each time you find yourself in disagreement (or agreement) with the information presented. (This may mean that you’ll be stopping the tape after each statement in some places.)


Even if you only listen to five minutes at a time and do this exercise, I believe that you will feel lighter and more free at the end of that experience.

If you do this process through most or all of this video, you will have cancelled your “contracts of consent” to most of the Shadow Government’s forms of enslavement. “They” cannot maintain their control without our consent.

This is our free-will choice and responsibility. Let’s exercise that choice NOW — TOGETHER.



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