The Beach Cave and The Cave Dweller

Favorite Pastime # 1

Favorite Pastime # 1 Sipping Coffee in Cafes

Pastime # 2 Exploring Medinas

Pastime # 2
Exploring Medinas

This post is dedicated to my amazing husband and spiritual companion, Tomas Qubeck. I have already written of Tomas’s delight in sitting in outdoor cafes, sipping great coffees (large or small) as well as his propensity for exploring the Old City (Medina) parts of European and Middle Eastern cities. In this post I will feature Tomas’s third passion — that of utilizing beach shelters, both natural and man made. He calls them his “studios.”

You can read Tomas’ post about this HERE.

Soon after we moved to the southern Oregon Coast in February of 2008, Tomas discovered his first driftwood studio about 10 miles south of Gold Beach. It was more like a small fort, with multiple stories and rooms, burmmed into a sand dune and offering wind protection from both the south and north. Equipped with a tarp, some food, water and a few special books, Tomas would take his leave for a few hours of alone time with the sun, the sea and the sand.

Ocean View

Ocean View – click on images to enlarge

He would return, glowing with reports of small “improvements” he had made to the studio, wonderful insights he had realized by being in this natural setting, and tales of pelicans and other seabirds whose habits in air or on land had entertained him or made him smile.

Tomas in his Gold Beach Studio, Reading, Smiling

Tomas in his Gold Beach Studio, Reading, Smiling

After a couple of hard winters, this studio succumbed to the elements and eventually disappeared altogether into the sand. However, way before that happened, Tomas had claimed a series of other driftwood structures that he had found much closer to home. Just prior to leaving the States he had maintained usage rights to one directly west of our house for at least six to eight months, going with the flow of the regular remodeling activities of locals and weekenders; performing trash detail after beach parties; and finally, releasing the entire abode after one group decided that the core of it was more useful as firewood than as a shelter.

Walking South Toward Tomas's New Studio

Walking South Toward Tomas’s New Studio

Fast forward to Morocco and our beautiful beach (however littered with trash) here in Aouchtam.

It did not take long for Tomas to find a new studio.  A leisurely walk south along the shore for 15 – 20 minutes scored him a real treasure — a beach CAVE. It is not likely that this place will burn down or get covered in sand anytime soon, as it is made of solid ROCK!

The Beach Cave

The Beach Cave

In an outcropping of rock, Tomas has made himself right at home. Instead of pieces of driftwood for seats and tables, he found an abundance of slate to pile one upon the other. Quite quickly, his studio was up and running with places for books, food, water and sitting. The view from inside the cave is spectacular and there is even a “sunroof” through which the passing clouds can be seen.

A Cloud Being Peers into the Cave Through the Roof

A Cloud Being Peers into the Cave Through the Roof

Tomas makes regular treks to “his” cave and because it is “way down the beach” he rarely has to share it with anyone, although on the weekends he will find it in use by families, who have strung up their own blankets in front for privacy. He still “takes out the trash” after they depart.

A Nice Place to Swim

A Nice Place to Swim

Returning from a Swim

Returning from a Swim


Nearby is a perfect place for swimming where the shore gradually descends into the Mediterranean, instead of abruptly dropping off as it does in many other places. The neighboring rock faces are equally interesting and colorful. The gentle lapping of the waves quiets the mind like nothing else and moves one’s being into harmony and serenity within minutes.

A couple of weeks ago, my Beloved invited me to come along for a visit. While there, I took a few shots to share with you the magnificence of Tomas’ Moroccan “studio.”

View from Inside the Cave

View from Inside the Cave

Another View from Inside

Another View from Inside

Meet the "Neighbors"  1

Meet the “Neighbors” 1

Meet the "neighbors" 2

Meet the “neighbors” 2

Let us remember that each of us has a cave — within our heart — that needs no fixing up. It waits patiently for our return and calls out for us to make our home here or visit often.

The Cave Dweller and the Cave Within

The Cave Dweller and the Cave Within



10 thoughts on “The Beach Cave and The Cave Dweller

  1. Precious, precious shares! Last time I went to my secret beach, the drift wood shelter was gone, too. LOVELY teaching on impermanence and the fullness of being empty. What a joy that the water IS WARM ENOUGH TO SWIM IN!!! lol -x.M

  2. I am a mineral mama, so of course I LOVE these photos, these mineral monuments that Tomas has claimed for all the joys he experiences within….In the Dagara Tradition on Burkina Faso, West Africa, minerals have to do with memory, story-telling and purpose; remembering our purpose. We say that the stories are in the stones, so just know that everything going on is being recording by those rocks that I too relish…..Happy caving dwelling….and thanks so much for sharing!

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