Good News — We’re Pregnant! Bad News — There’s No “Due Date”

Pregnant BellyYes, Yes, I realize that Good and Bad are going out of fashion as we move steadily toward unity and mono-polarity, but I just couldn’t resist the temptation to use them in the title of this post.

This past week was intense for me and many of the people I communicated with. High energy one day — in the doldrums the next. At times I felt as though my body was made of lead — so heavy I wondered how I would get up from my chair. One day my walk on the beach was effort-full — the next day I virtually floated along, my feet barely touching the sand. There was a sensation of feeling compacted, condensed into a concentrated form of myself. as though something very heavy were pressing down on me physically, although my mind and emotional states were clear and stable. I had some uncomfortable moments that were not easy to accept, allow or surrender into. I wanted to run away, crawl out of my skin, crawl into my bed and pull the covers over my head and stay there until it was over.

But when would THAT be?

Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) in chrysalis, close-upLast week I also revisited the idea that we are all going through a physical transformation akin to that of a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly. We have heard this metaphor before but let’s take a closer look at what it actually means with regard to humans. Our bodies are changing, rapidly and quantumly.

Our RNA/DNA is reconnecting what scientists have labeled “junk DNA” (the 97% of our brain that we haven’t been using — up until NOW.) Recently, scientists learned that the 97% informs the other 3% of our brain that we have been using but NOW that 97% is coming online for our daily use.

These loose, seemingly unimportant strands of DNA are beginning to reorganize themselves into the 12 strands of DNA that we humans originally had hundreds of thousands of years ago. This miracle is happening in response to the intensification of light energy that is coming through our Sun onto our planet and affecting every living thing. As we absorb this rarefied light into our cells, this DNA upgrade occurs.

Part of our transformation into our next form as evolving humans is the changing of our physical bodies from carbon-based beings into crystalline-based beings. This will allow us to utilize the higher dimensional energies that we are beginning to encounter. The incoming waves of light are building up neurological endurance, very much like an athlete uses weights to build up muscle tissue. We are strengthening our nervous systems in order to handle increasingly higher energies that will flow like high-voltage currents through our crystalline-based “Light” bodies.

These are huge changes. That’s why I am comparing our current state to being pregnant. We are each growing a new version of our Selves within the chrysalis of our present physical form. And at some point, the old version of our bodies will transform into the new version like the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly. Just as being pregnant with a growing child is a 24/7 job for the nine month gestation period, growing our new Self is also a 24/7 process.

EXCEPT — we don’t have a clue when this babe is going to be born!

Some of us thought we had a due date — December 21, 2012. That was three months ago — and we’re STILL pregnant!

So part of what I was feeling last week that was making me so uncomfortable was the uncertainty of just how long this process (that my mind keeps thinking should be over by now) is going to go on!?

And the answer is: we don’t know; evolution has never been done quite this way before.

We’re off-script in overtime. We’re in an organic process that all of us are making up as we go along.

So for those of you who are feeling exhausted, depleted, discouraged — completely DONE with things the way they have been, it’s an opportunity to re-choose and re-commit to the MISSION.

We volunteered to come — no one forced us. In fact there were so many volunteers that only the bravest of the brave and the strongest of the strong were selected to come.

We were chosen because we are long-distance runners — triathletes — not sprinters.

We were chosen because we excel at improv! Because we are masters of ingenuity — winging it!

We were chosen because when we were told that we would get to this point and the assignment that should have been complete —  wasn’t yet — and we would be worn out, frazzled, frustrated and more than a bit impatient to “get on with it”  that we STILL SAID YES — I’LL GO. AND I’LL SEE THE PROJECT THROUGH TO COMPLETION. And “they” knew we would!

So here we are — still pregnant and no due date in sight. We are at that point NOW where it’s time to reach deep within ourselves and RE-MEMBER our promise, our oath, our vow to see this transition through to its completion.

Finishing Together

Finishing Together

And the best news is that we now have companions with whom to walk these last days of the transition. We are finding one another from all walks of life, from all over the globe — through Facebook, through our blogs and  internet radio programs. We are joining hands and hearts and lifting one another up to ensure we ALL cross the finish line and run that victory lap TOGETHER.

Pregnant?  No due date?  Sign me up.  I’m your Gal.

Welcome Baby to our New World of Unity, Community and Unconditional Love.

Image Credit: Google

Image Credit: Google

Post Script: Between midnight last night when I finished this blog and 5 this morning, the incoming energies increased to such an extent that I could barely sleep, although I was quite tired. The ringing in my ears was so loud as to be distracting. Just before I turned off my computer, the Aisha North update came. It is so relevant that I posted it below in related articles. It’s short and to the point. More Braxton Hicks contractions on the way — breathe and call a friend or comment below on your own experience. We will be delivered. Blessings, Alia

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7 thoughts on “Good News — We’re Pregnant! Bad News — There’s No “Due Date”

  1. Hey Alia, evolutionary labor pains/ cosmic contractions/ March morning sickness – I’m also hearing these “symptoms” from friends and family around this time! Now I know why, what a fascinating opportunity for transformation! We’re finally on the cusp of being homo luminous, our “higher” form. It’s probably not a coincidence that I got this last minute assignment early March to attend a photo shoot in Rio!
    After the first week, I had this urge to go on a juice fast. A friend suggested organic young coconut water and fresh fruit juices. I’ve been on this fast for the past 2 weeks without hunger pains and feel infinitely lighter in every way. I’ve never really noticed how “heavy” I felt prior to this fast (I’ve never fasted before in my life), so ironically I’ve been weighed down by this 3D existence for most of my life – OMG who knew?! The clarity following my morning meditations are so profoundly still, I’m comprehending everything in quantum leaps & bounds so to speak.
    Beneficial side effects of meta-morphosing into a spiritual butterfly, I didn’t suffer any withdrawal pains from by “bad” habits. Weird, it’s like I’ve switched bodies with a newer version of my future self- wild right? Usually, ditching the sugary/ salty junk foods, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs etc makes my skin crawl – but not this time! Thank god for this 2.0 upgrade cause I feel totally renewed!
    I know it’s winter back in the states, but if you can secure a fresh supply of organic fruits and veggies… juice everything for a week or 2 during this time, you’d be amazed at the difference.
    Your body/ mind/ spirit will transition so much easier, oh and get as much sun as possible!
    Love and light dear ones. ♥

    • Thanks Maddy for your wonderful and inspiring report/update from Rio! At the first of the year, Tomas and I radically simplified our diet and went to many more raw fruits and veggies. We’re still eating quite a bit of cooked food but often I’ll wait until the last minute to add the veggies to miso broth, so the veggies are still crunchy. It’s been great. However, I have noticed in just the past two days that I have begun eating smaller portions and grabbing the raw foods for snacks. I commend you and your friend for going straight up JUICE! So wonderful that you skipped the withdrawal phase, especially since you are working. I just had my first ice cream since Christmas Sunday and my first wine since then today — but probably the smallest portions of each that I’ve ever taken. Just not what my new butterfly body wants these days. It’s much more of a mind/memory thing. But even that, my mind will think about it and extrapolate the consequences and say: Nah! Let’s have something else, please. I think it’s awesome. And that ability to consider future outcomes is a 5D trait, so I’ve heard. Works for me. Have fun in the Sun. I get out in it every chance I get — no sunscreen, hat or whatever other interloper, just me and Sol, the activator of all “butterflies.” Blessings and love, Alia

    • When I was in India I drank fresh young coconut water every chance I got – I am sure you could live on that alone – it is so satisfying and nutritious! Yes, we are getting a pretty good supply of fresh organic fruits and veggies. Glad you are in Rio at this time! Love, tomas

  2. I woke so many times last night it was unreal and I could hear whispers but no one was there. I have been dreaming strange and interesting dreams for months now. I feel the approach of something keenly in every pore of my body and yet I stumble from complete exhaustion to boundless energy all the time. Yet, there is so much hope and love alive its unreal.

    • I’m happy for you Athena. Our new abilities are coming online. You are hearing through the veil and I am beginning to see through it. This is the new normal. Follow your guidance. Ask for protection if you need to and enjoy the new expanded capacities within yourself. Blessings, Alia

      On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 6:27 AM, 13th Paradigm

    • There are so many new sensations in my mind and body that I ‘get’ that the only way is to relax and trust in the huge cosmic movement that we are a part of. From every side now we are told to keep ourselves balanced as best possible by not allowing any fear frequency, and otherwise to know that we are doing our part simply by holding the frequency of love. ♥ Tomas

      • Thank you Sweetheart. We are swept up in the Divine Cosmic Pregnancy. There is no controlling the situation, only surrender. And love Love LOVE that baby, Baby. ♥ Alia

        On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 3:37 PM, 13th Paradigm

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