The Conversation — by Bradley Loves

Alia’s Comments: I am re-posting this from Jean Haine’s site.

I do not agree with everything that Bradley Loves posts, so I do not give a blanket recommendation to all his material, although he is helping to reveal much that has been hidden from the masses.

This particular message I resonated with completely and feel that it is important for those who want to “do something” but don’t know how they can make a difference to realize that the “doing” can be as simple as saying: “I do not consent” while watching TV in your own living room.

If each of us consciously withdraws our “consent,” our “agreement” from vaccines, war, GMO foods, Rx drugs, corporations posing as people, etc., I believe that we can have a profound effect on our “collective reality” and thus on our world.

YES — I believe it is THAT simple. Try it. Withdraw your consent — with loving conviction (not contempt or anger) and let’s see what happens.

(If you would like to see more of Bradley’s work, Jean’s site is a good resource through January 2015. Bradley just opened his own website which you can visit HERE.)

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I was visiting some friends of mine only yesterday. These friends are not very much into the “spiritual science” of what’s really going on inside of our reality, but were instead just watching the news, and were listening to the daily report about the civil war going on in the Ukraine just like millions of other Americans.

My heart is always saddened deeply when I think that “certain men” —for power, control and money, are literally causing a very real war to occur – in order to solidify their hold on resources and assist in their larger goal of creating a New World Order.

Silently, as I watched, I said, “I DO NOT CONSENT to this ongoing battle — nor to this ongoing war! I remove ALL SUPPORT for this crime against humanity!” Continue reading