The Journey into My Heart — Compassion – I

Six Virtues of the Heart

Six Virtues of the Heart

Continuing with my series about the inner work I have been doing for a couple of months now, I investigate the Lyricus Teachings regarding Compassion. Links to source documents and previous posts in this series are at the bottom.

May 12, 2015
With increased awareness of Understanding, Appreciation and Humility within me, I consider which one of the remaining three Heart Virtues will be next for me to contemplate. I tend to think of Compassion and Forgiveness as fraternal twins: they look similar enough to be twins but not identical to the point of me being unable to distinguish them. They frequently show up together, or in quick sequence that feels as though they are there in tandem. Once Understanding, Appreciation and Humility have been cultivated, it is natural to find Compassion in my heart for almost anyone or anything. And once Compassion is present, Forgiveness is easily extended. It often seems easier to offer these two qualities to “others” than to myself but with the development of these Heart Virtues as a braided or bundled collective, I am finding that Self Love is growing stronger each day.

Since I am addressing the Heart Virtues one at a time, I choose to focus on Compassion next. Let’s see what James has to say about Compassion.

Many teachers have spoken eloquently about compassion as the deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled to the desire to relieve that suffering. In the context of the new intelligence that is seating itself on our planet, compassion is an active desire to assist others to align with the new fields of intelligence that are manifesting in the three dimensional world, aware that their desire and ability to align is distorted by their social enculturation; it does not accurately reflect their intelligence, spiritual inclinations, or purpose.

Once again, I find my understanding of this term expanded by the Lyricus teachings. There is a “new field of intelligence” emerging in our world that is born of the Love frequency. This frequency vibrates at a higher rate, above and beyond the frequency of the distortion that “en-‘cult’-urates” our planetary societies. This distorted, manipulated enculturation does not truly represent Humanity’s potential or the divinely designed Human Blueprint. The desire arises within those of us who are cultivating our inner posture of Divine Love to give assistance to our fellow – to help them realign. To me it is the ultimate in “teaching someone to fish and feeding him for a lifetime.” Even to assist someone to SEE that there IS an enculturated distortion is a huge and noble gift. Continue reading