From Russia with Love

Red Square Where a New Spirit of Russia Was Revealed

Red Square Where a New Spirit of Russia Was Revealed

The rate of acceleration is increasing. In the past week I have found five extraordinary examples of positive changes that are visible in this physical dimension. I am referring to this phenomenon as The Revo-LOVE-tion. Humanity is building momentum for responding to crisis from a place of LOVE, instead of heaping on more vengeance. As we say in Morocco — Hamdullilah — Thanks be to God!

So after posting two examples of this yesterday, I am posting two more links today about the recent event in Moscow — and throughout all of Russia — honoring the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazism at the end of WWII. However, as the both writers chronicle, this event went way beyond memorializing the end of The Great Patriotic War and in fact introduced the world to a New Spirit within the populace of Russia, augmented by the presence of leaders from China and many other countries surrounding the Federation of Russia.

As these articles are both long, I am posting only the bios of the authors and a couple of highlights from each to support you to read further. This is soooo heartening! For such major world powers to be exhibiting such a public display of partnership and PEACE is near miraculous.

Thanks again Kauilapele for featuring these affirmations of Heaven on Earth.

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