Universal Value Exchange — Reprise 2014

I-POWER-enhanced-blueLast year on my “13th Paradigm” blog site (search the archives for posts on Universal Value) I discussed the topic of Universal Value (our innate, God-given worth) and how we can exchange this with one another in direct and representative ways.

It was a revelation to me to realize to what extent I had bought the societal programming that I was essentially worthless until and unless I could prove my worth by accumulating wealth, fame and or some symbolic representation of material success.

The whole idea that I was essentially VALUABLE simply because I am alive in a human body and that my BEINGNESS  is PRICELESS AND IRREPLACEABLE was a completely new concept a year ago. In fact, I didn’t even know this one year ago.
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Stepping Off The Edge — And Flying!

Stepping off the Cliff smallThere is a modern day teaching (not sure whom to credit here) that goes something like this: “When you come to that place in your spiritual journey where it looks as though your next step is going to take you off the edge of a cliff — and you take that step in faith —  one of two things will happen: either the ground will rise up to meet your feet, or you will grow wings and learn to fly.”

Sometime during the last month or so, I took that step in faith and began to learn to FLY!

Many of you bore witness to this process and for that I am exceedingly grateful. I pray that my example will encourage those of you who have yet to step off your own cliff, to do so, whenever it appears. As you garner your own courage, trust in your True Self and claim your faith in your own magnificence, may you find your foot secure on solid ground or feel the exhilaration of your weightless BEing born upon the the wings of Spirit. Either experience will be thrilling and your life will change forever.
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ME = UV = My Life Purpose

Searching for SomethingFor decades I chased “My Life Purpose.” I searched every corner and crevice; I looked under every rock and behind every tree. No luck! This idea in my head that there was some overarching purpose to my life and that I could find it by searching diligently, eluded my grasp at every turn. Most of the people in my family seemed to find their Life Purpose without much trouble. My sister knew she wanted to be a teacher by the time she was five! She grew up, went to college, got her credential and has been teaching happily for 30+ years. My cousin found his Purpose early on also — he became a State Parks Ranger and served in that capacity for over 30 years as well.  I went from one promising career to another but nothing seemed to hold my interest for long. Why not? What about me? Where — when — how will I find my Purpose? Needless to say, I have been ecstatic since discovering this equation ME = UV, because in following this equation, I have found My Life Purpose.Here’s what happened.
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ME = UV — The Biggest UV Return So Far!

Sitting in Silence

Sitting in Silence

Before I jump into the main theme of today’s post, I want to mention something that occurred to me just after I published last week. Universal Value is infinite, abundant, ever-flowing and inexhaustible. As one who has experienced my energy flow as fickle, unpredictable and capricious, I am still accepting and integrating these expansive aspects of my new UV reality. I mentioned in my first post on this topic a couple of weeks ago that whenever I feel my energy “sagging” or feeling depleted, I check to see if I am still aligned with flowing my UV into that person, place or circumstance. If I am no longer aligned, I choose to re-align myself or I choose another focus for my UV that I am aligned with. However, there is a supportive activity that I am doing regularly that is impacting the consistency of my energy flow. Two or three times a day I am stopping all activity and entering into silence for 15 – 20 minutes. I am taking time to reconnect with Source, the Eternal and Infinite supply of UV.

During these meditations I imagine that a river of energy is flowing through me, affirming my connection with all things, all of Life. I hadn’t realized until after I published my post last week that, for me at least, this awareness of “filling up the tank” several times a day has balanced my energy, so that now I feel a more consistent flow throughout my days, for the first time in my life. In reality, I am never disconnected from Source. However, my perception of inconsistent flow (without my awareness of why it has been inconsistent) had left me thinking that “that’s just the way I am and there’s nothing I can do about it.” Now, I understand that anytime I have experienced my energy as”inconsistent,” I have in some way been blocking the flow of UV. I am finding that regular meditation breaks, plus the alignment check-ins, are assisting me greatly to have a new experience of more consistent and abundant energy flow. This is another amazing breakthrough for me.

Now Id like to share with you this week’s surprise return of Universal Value for Tomas and me: our biggest UV return so far.
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ME = UV — The Story Continues

I-POWER-enhanced-blueIn a previous post I discussed our innate worth as human BEings. I spoke of a personal breakthrough I had about two weeks ago and a personal experience of deciding to share my Universal Value (UV) in an unlikely situation and almost immediately receiving that UV back in the form of a payment to my electric company. The time frame of giving and receiving was so short that I could not deny the lesson: when I share my UV in any way by my freewill choice,  there is always a return to me. There is a circulation of Universal Value that I can count on to fulfill my needs and desires.

I closed that post with the statement that I was continuing to play with and practice sending out my UV and watching what came back to me. I need to state here that the UV that I put into circulation must be sent out unconditionally. I can’t send it out with conditions attached, like a list of things I want and need for my personal comfort or happiness, for instance. No, that’s not the way this works. And as I have continued to practice sending forth my conscious flow of Universal Value, I have been amazed at how quickly the return arrives. Each time this happens, I am struck with the wonder of the process and what deep humility and gratitude I feel for “what has just happened,” as if by magic. Here is my report for this week.
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