The Journey into My Heart — Appreciation

Six Virtues of the Heart

Six Virtues of the Heart

May 8 and 9, 2015

With the fundamental Understanding that energy is the unifying principle of the Universe, it is natural to extend Appreciation to all energetic structures, whether formless or in form. James Mahu describes Appreciation in the following words:

 At the subtle levels, this virtue is focused on a specific awareness that First Source surrounds our fellow beings as a field of consciousness and that this consciousness unifies us. If we are unified, it follows that we operate as a collective consciousness at some deeper level, and in this place, we share a common purpose that is richly textured, supremely vital, and yet mysterious, dynamic and uncertain. This awareness, or even belief, shifts our focus from the small details of our personal life to the vision of our purpose as a species.

 At a more practical level, appreciation expresses itself in the small gestures of gratitude that support relationship loyalty and bonding. The deeper levels of appreciation make the relatively surface level expressions genuine because they stem from the frequencies of soul instead of the motives of the ego or mind.

Many years ago I was sitting peacefully in a meadow filled with ferns and rimmed with oak trees in northern California. The trees gave me a teaching regarding how they survive in times of drought. Oaks are known for their immense and entwined root systems and I knew that they shared resources but what I learned that day surprised me.

They “told” me that they expressed Appreciation continually in all directions – in fact the entire plant kingdom does this. From the largest to the smallest and back again, the plants are in perpetual gratitude with one another. When material resources are scarce, they basically survive on spiritual resources. It was a powerful teaching which has impacted me to this day.

How often do I appreciate all that is around me? How often do I appreciate ME? On a good day, perhaps ten times or more. But continually? I’m not “there” yet.

This teaching from Lyricus reminded me that Appreciation is a powerful aspect of Divine Love. It is subtle and invisible and yet, it is a key to our unification as a Collective. Not the superficial gestures of appreciation that one expresses or encounters throughout one’s temporal day but rather the Appreciation that arises from the Understanding that we are each and All created from the energy of First Source.

How easy it is to be appreciative and grateful with this Understanding. I am discovering that this kind of Appreciation has little or nothing to do with words. When I imagine Appreciation of myself or another being, I see a fine, fragrant mist, like a cloud of soft perfume, infusing me and my aura and then moving out through the fields of consciousness that naturally connect us to the rest of the world I am in touch with. This gives me a beautiful, peaceful feeling and harmonizes me with Me, as well as Me with anyone/anything else. It smooths the rough edges, allowing me to be more compassionate and forgiving, especially with myself.

This awareness, or even belief, shifts our focus from the small details of our personal life to the vision of our purpose as a species.

The above statement gave me food for thought, as it seemed at first like a comment that didn’t really fit to the rest of the description of Appreciation. I am still taking this in, truthfully. However, I am beginning to understand that the purpose of the Wingmaker/Lyricus teachings are to prompt the human species toward our next phase of evolution. We have “used up” the space of individual exploration. We must now join (or remember that we ARE joined) together, collectively, to extend our ability to move forward. In order to do this, we need to expand our vision beyond our myopic view of our personal goals and purpose to consider of our larger, Collective Purpose as a species. Wow! Now there’s a thought I haven’t had too often!

By continually expressing Soul-based Appreciation — allowing it to travel like a soft perfume, wafting on the breeze of First Source through the fields of consciousness that surround each and every one of us – I am engaged in a gentle and lovely process by which to feel my place within and reunite myself with the Collective of Humanity.

June 20, 2015

Since I wrote those entries in mid-May I have noticed a marked increase in my “stream of Appreciation.” It is still NOT a continuous activity but I can honestly say that my Appreciation of All Life has expanded exponentially. This Appreciation flows naturally from my daily practice of affirming my Understanding of the Oneness of All.

I have also notice many more conversations – within my head, between Tomas and me, as well as in threads on certain social media sites – with regard to the greater purpose of our Humanity as a species. I am seeing evidence of people in many countries unifying AGAINST dominating structures of control, financially, politically, militarily and in the fields of health and education. There seems to be a groundswell of “We do NOT consent” to being treated like slaves and “farmed” like cattle. The outcry from the Greek people regarding their “odious debt” and the global outcry against the TPP are two examples.

Alongside these unifying issues I am also noticing an increase of those voices who are uniting FOR something: the stand that is being taken with regard to the proposed building of a 30-meter telescope on the sacred land of Mauna Kea and the movement to recognize the Kingdom of Hawaii are two examples of this.

I believe that Humanity’s shared purpose is to evolve together to our next iteration; I’m calling it Humanity 2.0. I believe we are in the “pre-boarding stages” of this leap as a species. Much of the chaos that we are witnessing now is a harbinger of this collective jump we are about to make.

That’s what I have to share for now on Appreciation. Next, we will take a look at Humility.

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