Michael Tellinger: We Already Have Free Energy! Why Don’t We HAVE Free Energy?

Michael-Tellinger5091Recently, a reader sent me this 70 minute video of a speech that Michael Tellinger delivered last November at the second annual Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference. I had heard Michael’s name in association with the Ubuntu Community (a cashless society model) forming in South Africa. He is passionate about ancient civilizations, the remains of one surrounds Ubuntu.

What I was amazed to discover in watching this presentation is that Tellinger has uncovered an ancient Free Energy story that covered our planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. This energy grid or network used sound, the source of all energy and this revelation is documented in all major spiritual traditions.

Michael shows us in a high-voltage presentation, just how sound can produce heat to boil water, move objects in various ways (telekinesis) and how these discoveries have been on-going for a long time. “We already have free energy!” he tells us with conviction. Then he asks immediately: “But why don’t we HAVE free energy?”  His answer is simple: “Money gets in the way.”

I had to watch this twice. It is so full of information but intensely interesting and passionately presented. He gives us many things to chew on here, so be prepared to hear some new ideas.

I offer this insight through Michael Tellinger as further evidence that we are extremely close to bringing this form of transformative energy back into fashion on Planet Earth — for the greater good of ALL.