The Journey into My Heart — I

Six Virtues of the Heart

Six Virtues of the Heart

I have been dancing all around this series of posts in which I will share my personal process of working with and cultivating the Six Virtues of the Heart, according to the Lyricus Teachings of the Wingmakers. I have been referencing these six virtues in previous posts and posting examples of what these qualities of the heart look like in action. However, I have resisted sharing with you my personal journey of the past couple of months, which has taken me deeper into an inward exploration at a level I had not discovered — until now.

Today, I will share with you my first journal entry that I made in late April, accompanied by a “progress report” from early June. I trust that the right people will be impulsed in the perfect ways through these sharings.

I have long held a vision of Heaven on Earth in my heart. I now firmly believe that this Heaven will emerge from within me. From my Soul. I believe there are many people on the Earth at this time being called “Home” by there Souls. As individuals, we are answering that call, each in our own unique way. Gradually, we are forming a Collective of Love-Driven BEingness and DOingness that is transforming EVERYTHING. Not from the outside, but rather from within each of us. This is very hard to describe in words; I had to experience it myself and make my internal exploration a major priority, in order to verify it and reap the benefits.

This is nothing new. I am not doing anything special — all the great Masters have shown us these things through the ages. Many great sages have experienced this and written or taught it to their followers.


And on the chance that some of you may also be venturing into this inner adventure of YOURSELF, I humbly offer my reflections that they may encourage you to keep investigating, keep following your own unique trail that leads you steadily toward your true Home through the cultivation of your own qualities of the Heart. As you will read, the rewards are GREAT!

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Valor — A Virtue of the Heart

Defending the Goddess of Mauna Kea with Valor

Defending the Goddess of Mauna Kea with Valor

In a recent post I mentioned that I have been studying and cultivating the presence of six qualities of Love within myself for the past several months. The virtue that I personally have had the least connection with and therefore, I have had the most challenges with is Valor.

I tended to hold Valor as a quality needed to go into battle or slay dragons and such — not something I was destined to need in this lifetime. The Lyricus Teachings hold Valor as the quality of the heart that “speaks truth to power” in the face of any injustice done to oneself or one who cannot speak for himself. In the case of Mauna Kea, the injustice is the proposed construction of an 18-story, nine-acre telescope on the very top of the most sacred mountain of the Hawai’ian people. As the mountain cannot speak, the People are becoming the voice for the mountain and that voice is being heard and amplified around the world.

I have said previously that I believe the Kingdom of Hawai’i will prevail, because this movement is being fueled by “aloha” — Love — a love that includes ALL.

A new generation of Hawaiians is showing the way: they are informed, grounded in their ancient roots and addressing fearlessly the injustice that they see  being perpetrated on Mauna Kea. One of these voices is that of Hawane Rios. Even if you watch only five minutes of this video, I believe you will be touched deeply by this young (?) woman’s Valor.