Sirius Disclosure

Sirius -- The Movie

Sirius — The Movie

Heads Up!  This is a long post. You may want to read it in segments. ☺ ♥ Alia

You may have noticed the “Sirius” widget on the right of my blog. Perhaps some of you have clicked on the image; others of you may have only wondered “what’s that all about?” Today’s post is about Disclosure — serious Disclosure — not only about the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations in our Universe but wider disclosure of things that have been hidden from us, misrepresented, ridiculed and usurped. In this post I will be focusing on three aspects of Disclosure: 1) the release of the documentary film “Sirius,” 2) the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, and 3) the secret space program.

I will tell you up front that some of this information may be surprising, shocking and/or disturbing to some of you. For others, it may be yesterday’s news. However, I believe that the events of this coming week (Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure) have the potential to impact our world in a profound and expansive way. We the People have the power to pull back the curtain on secret government projects (and the cover up of those projects) in a way that has not been done so far. This may be the week that some of this suppressed information begins to make its way into the Mainstream Media. And that would make this a week to remember!

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