Blue City 2.0 — How Did We Get Here?

Entrance to Our New Home in Chefchaouen

Entrance to Our New Home in Chefchaouen

I chose to form the above title as a question rather than a statement (i.e., How We Got Here) because the truth is I can’t say for sure how we did. I’ve had a good track record as an “above-average” manifestor throughout my life but the level and brilliance of our creation here in Chefchaouen exceeds all previous levels. And although I was aware of certain patterns of “thought becoming reality” along the way, the final result was so far beyond what I asked for or intended that it’s almost impossible for my linear mind to reconstruct all the elements that combined to bring it into being.

What was the order anyway? Tomas placed a very strong “order” for a “Sanctuary.” He was very clear: he wanted a living space that would allow us to enter more deeply into our inner explorations and continue to hold as high of a vibrational frequency as we possibly could.

I, on the other hand, was being shown a future vision of a “Center of Light,” a place for people of the West and those of the Arab world to meet and learn about and from one another. I was even given a name for this Center: S’bah Noor – Morning Light.

At first glance, these images/intentions/”orders” would appear to be counter to each other. Tomas was looking for peace and quiet and I was seeing a house full of people and discussion groups. However, we decided to move forward with our search for a new home in early August to see what would show up.
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