Ramadan I — The Fast (Sawm)

Have A Blessed Ramadan

Have A Blessed Ramadan

When I lived in the United States “Ramadan” was a vague concept for me. I did not know any people who practiced Islam. I had a very sketchy understanding of what Ramadan was about and really no direct reason to delve into understanding it better.

With my arrival in Morocco that changed.

What I’m about to share with you through several posts is MY PERSONAL account of Ramadan as seen through the eyes of a western, non-Muslim who suddenly found herself in an Arab country where Ramadan is a BIG DEAL that is observed by the majority of people – some of whom are my new friends and neighbors.

In short, Ramadan was about to impact my life – an unavoidable fact – and I was going to have an opportunity to gain more insight into the reality of the culture and religious practices of the Moroccan people. Looking at Ramadan as a context for me to learn about people allowed me to open my mind and heart to something I had never considered doing before:

Joining them in a three-day “solidarity” fast to see what this holy month of Ramadan was like for THEM. In doing so, I learned a whole lot about MYSELF.
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