Message from an “Elder Brother” — The End Is The Beginning

Sasquatch IIAlia’s Comments: Sometimes it may be fruitful to read the end of the book first. I feel that this is one of those times. This is the 50th and final (for now) message transmitted by the Sasquatch elder, Kamooh to native younger brother, SunBow TrueBrother. It speaks of our human origins, six million years ago and our original spiritual purpose, as intended by our Star Elders for the continued spiritual evolution on our sacred Mother Planet.

So, if you haven’t dived into this material yet, perhaps reading the “end of the story” will prompt you to do so. Here is the link to the entire series of messages received by SunBow over the past several months (summer/autumn 2015.) I believe there is more reliable information contained here than is contained in everything else available in books, videos, and what’s currently on the internet — COMBINED. For those of you who feel you need to “stay informed” about what is going on — really — in our world, this is a good place to start.

This concludes my posting of this series of messages from the Sasquatch People.  I’m sure there will be other posts on this subject in the future. Indeed, I believe that our future may well depend on our collaboration with these Elder Brothers. Enjoy the journey. Namaste

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 50, conclusion)
Sasquatch said:

”So in the end, what does it matter to your Human People if my Sasquatch People really exists or not? Why can’t your controlled religions and limited science acknowledge the reality of our very existence? Is it because our presence proves that your scientific knowledge and spiritual understanding are wrong? Could it be that the recognition of my people’s existence could free you from the enslaving paradigm?”

”Knowing that my Sasquatch People does exist forces you to reconsider all your certainties and beliefs. Our very presence proves that you are not the only, nor the first form of intelligent life with spiritual consciousness on this home-planet, even less so in the whole Omniverse of which you are a tiny part. Our existence also confirms that your Human People, like my Sasquatch People, were bioengineered by our Star Elders for a spiritual mission, as part of a greater evolutionary plan for Soul consciousness. It is written and your and our DNA star seeds, and the existence of Sasquatch brings clear proofs of it.”

”The understanding of who my people is lifts up your consciousness to higher levels of knowledge, with the realization that there are interdimensional beings who can live or shift into dimensions beyond your normal perceptions. But you can also learn to reconnect with those dimensions, existing yourself on different planes, within the same Omniverse as we do, if you remember your own spiritual essence.” Continue reading