Update from Jack the Watcher

Alia’s Comments: This update came in yesterday from Jean Rockefeller and her animal companion, Jack, “The Watcher.” I found this message extremely informative about the energetic nature of the next few months and how we can take measures to navigate this purportedly even more intense time. As some of the other messengers are telling us — discernment, discernment, discernment — stay out of judgment, especially self-judgment. Jack invites us to call on the porcupine for wisdom regarding protecting our vulnerability, while enjoying our life in a most playful manner. You can visit Jean and Jack at their website HERE.

Vulnerability and Protection

Jack the Watcher 2015The porcupine embodies many spirits of energy but we will need Her protection and playfulness to carry us through the next few months. The Porcupine bumbles joyfully through life with the security that Her spines will protect Her. She is well aware that few predators will have the courage, strength or knowledge to expose Her belly. With Her power center protected and spikes of armor on Her back, She can playfully and confidently proceed through danger, real and perceived. She knows that She is safe. However, if provoked, She can throw Her darts or curl tightly into a ball until the danger has passed.


The Porcupine is now one of our guiding energies and will be with us until late September. Continue reading