An Independence Day Message from Scott Mowry

I-POWER-enhanced-blueAlia’s comment: Happy Independence Day to All Beings and Mother Earth!I believe we  are about to see true freedom here for the first time in 26,000 years. All over our world there are signs of  a shift in the Collective Consciousness toward a New Paradigm, a Higher Octave. In the article below, one of my favorite writers, Scott Mowry, connects many dots and gives us a grand picture of humanity’s progress in our transition from separation to unity, from darkness to light, from fear to love.

Scott’s website Miracles and Inspiration is filled with similar stories that address what is happening across our globe, while maintaining an upbeat tone. He continually directs our focus to the possibilities and opportunities for creating miracles and infusing those around us with inspiration. This latest report from Scott gives me the sense that we are “rounding 3rd and heading for HOME.”

I’ll be back on Monday with my own personal Paradigm Report.
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