Making Home in Morocco 2.0 — Moving to Chefchaouen

Entrance Gate - We have the 2nd Floor plus Roof and Garden Access

Entrance Gate – We have the 2nd Floor plus Roof and Garden Access

On Sunday, September 14, 2014, Tomas and I (with huge help from our friend Johannes and his car) moved our belongings, ourselves and our life about 50 miles inland and about 1000 feet above sea level to the mountain town of Chefchaouen, otherwise known as The Blue City.

Although Tomas confessed (once we got here) that he had felt since visiting The Blue City on a day trip in mid-May that Chefchaouen would someday be our home, I was skeptical and doubtful even as we went through the motions of looking at properties. Even the day before we signed a one-year contract with our wonderful Moroccan landlady, Fatna, I dared not let myself fully believe this move was happening.

There is so much that I could say of this whole exploration that spanned several months and has culminated in my feeling fully home and truly safe on this planet for the first time in my entire life. I have not been able to find an “entry point” into this amazing story that I’ve wanted to share with all of you, since Tomas and I began our active pursuit of our vision of living in Chefchaouen in early August.

There are probably more facets to this cycle of “Tales of The Blue City” than what I posted in late May/early June. But I know that you are all eager to see where we’ve landed — you want photos — and so I am going to post a few here with a link to more on Facebook. Then, as time and energy permit, I will break down the full saga into smaller, more detailed episodes, so that you can also get a feeling for the immensity of this journey that Tomas and I have undertaken: a journey to find a true sanctuary in which we can continue deepening our  meditation practice and shed the armor and defenses that we have burdened ourselves with while doing spiritual battle for many decades.

Personally, I have declared my work with the Transition DONE! My new assignment (and I choose to accept it) is to live a life of JOY, PEACE, LOVE, ABUNDANCE, GRACIOUSNESS and CREATIVITY.

We have found a place that is allowing us to relax deeply, cradled securely in the Presence of our mountainous surroundings, abundant in beauty, among kind and generous people.

We send you our gratitude and our joyous blessings and invite you to enjoy the photo diary of


View to the Southeast from the Roof

View to the Southeast from the Roof

Morocco Bound — April 8, 2014

Alia’s Comment: My husband, Tomas, and I have been cultivating an international group of friends in virtual reality for the past three years. In October 2013, we attended an event in southern California that brought 100 of these internet friends together face to face for the first time. After an extraordinary extended weekend (during which time we mostly agreed that we were even better in person that over Skype or on Facebook) about 30 of those attendees began the OPAL (One People Absent Limits) Family Tour that crossed the southern part of the USA in RVs, forming a mobile conscious community as they went.

Yours truly made a spontaneous choice to join the tour and traveled with two ladies and a cat for the first 10 days. Two of us returned to the West Coast after that but the rest of the folks continued on, deepening the community spirit as they dealt with the joys and challenges of traveling in older, repair-intensive RVs, finding accommodations and providing meals for 30-40 community members on any given day. Oh, and broadcasting from the road four days out of seven, hosting call-in Blogtalk radio shows. No easy trick. All along the way the OPAL family did energy clearing work, sometimes with Native Elders, in order to pave the way for a new paradigm of living —  absent limits, where love is the solution to any “problem.” In all honesty, it was a personal growth workshop 24/7, even though it often had the appearance of a traveling party. Let me tell you, it was not for the faint of heart. I was challenged to the hilt regarding my need to have structure, know what was coming next and trusting my heart to lead me.

When the group made it to North Carolina in mid-December there was another huge extended weekend event to wrap up what was then considered Phase I of the OPAL Family USA Tour. What emerged next was definitely unexpected: to go to Morocco and form an intentional community. Why Morocco?  The core team had already visited Morocco for six weeks in May/June 2013 and a few of those team members had been living there since then. There was the possibility of developing suppressed technologies, such as free energy devices and advanced healing modalities — unrestricted by the big oil and big pharma interests that dominate the markets in most of the rest of the world. Morocco, it seems, doesn’t have much to exploit or plunder and thus, it has been pretty much ignored by the multi-national corporations.
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