Blue City — VI — Exchange of Value

I-UV -- Innate Universal Value

I-UV — Innate Universal Value

Last spring (2013) I posted several pieces about Value – one’s innate, God-given Value, as distinct from money or possessions that “represent” value. This distinction between Universal Value (innate value) and Representation of Value (currency or physical objects) was a new concept for me, yet one that felt correct as soon as I was made aware of it. You can read a couple of my earlier postings on this topic Here and Here.

Since our arrival in Morocco in early April, Tomas and I have been keenly aware of the daily exchange of real value that occurs between the people here. We are not excluded from this exchange. Indeed, it continually surprises us just how much intrinsic value people DO exchange with us.

Perhaps this accounts for the popularity of Flea Markets and Farmer’s Markets in the western countries. In these contexts one is personally interacting with another human being regarding each item of interest and each purchase. The “bargaining” that goes on in these places only serves to increase this exchange of each person’s energetic value. The “price” is sometimes secondary to this exchange and the “money changing hands,” while important, is seen as only part of the transaction – NOT THE WHOLE TRANSACTION.
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