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Approach to the Sanctuary for Expanded Consciousness

Approach to the Sanctuary for Expanded Consciousness

There are still 17 days before we arrive in Aouchtam and the pace of deconstructing our life of 10 years together is approaching warp speed. However, I realized yesterday that we’re actually in training for stepping into the creative vortex that our Moroccan community has become — manifesting a new paradigm reality nearly instantaneously.

10 days ago we harbored illusions of entering the stream of life there leisurely, gradually — we actually had the vision of “taking some time off” before we plunged into the joyous fray of co-creation. That fantasy dissolved as we listened to the One People Broadcast on 5D Media Network from March 17/18. The excitement, the joy of BEing and DOing together came through loud and clear. There will be no “dipping our toes in the water.” We’ll be plunging into the deep end and joining the “intention-manifestation” reality that is being refined in each NOW moment by the group consciousness there.

The latest (as of yesterday — there could be something even more recent by now) project/manifestation happening in Aouchtam is the discovery, leasing and restoring of a compound that has been declared The Sanctuary for Expanded Consciousness. Brian Kelly and Whitney Fisher, two of our core community members, posted a stellar report about this on Brian’s blog recently and included lots of photos. Rather than repeat what they said, I will direct you to this article HERE.

And then there is the free energy project — the QEG (lovingly called the Queege) that will arrive shortly after we do, destined to be connected to the village well to pump running water into the homes of 300 villagers. Here is a short video about this “experiment in consciousness.”

OK — back to the deconstruction zone. Thank goodness for the daily timeline that tells us what our focus is for today. If we just do what’s on the list, all will be done and we’ll board the plane in two and a half weeks with luggage in tow and smiles on our faces, ready to join our family in Morocco, taking you all with us in our hearts. We feel your loving support. Thank you so much for coming along on our social media sites. Many blessings, Alia