All We Need Is Love

This week Tomas and I will celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. Our first Master Number year. Our wedding date — January 21, 2005 — was also this same Master Number 11, a number that represents two “ones” becoming a partnership. Ours has been a true and full partnership and the past 11 years have flown by and been filled with a lifetime of amazing shared experiences.

In honor of our love I am posting a couple of videos on the topic. I believe that love is truly the only thing we really need to bring Heaven and Earth together eternally. This process begins with loving OURSELVES — a lifetime process for most of us. Once we begin to love and care for ourselves, the natural extension of this process is to love and care for the beings around us — plants and animals included.

This first video is an expression of a son’s love for his mother. You must have done many things “right” Mom to merit this endearing tribute from your son.

The second video was posted on Tomas’ blog a few days ago. I’m sharing the Dionne Warwick version: “What the World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love,” showing us that love is the deepest yearning of the human heart — we all NEED to love and be loved.

And finally, the song made famous by the Beatles over 50 years ago: “All You Need Is Love.”

“Faith, hope, love, abide these three: but the greatest of these is love.” Corinthians 13:13


5D Holiday Guide from Sophia Love


With the completion of Hanukkah, the onset of Christmas and the upcoming New Year, the idea of holiday is all around.  This is that time of year, for many of us, when thoughts turn homeward.  Yet, we are shifting.  What does a “5D” season include?

Accept – Regardless of where you stand on the scale of belief – this is not your grandfather’s holiday.  We are not the same, no matter what those Christmas songs keep reminding us to dredge up.  This year…

Embrace – our new way to festival.  This may include more physical celebration, lots of community involvement and less money.  This year…

Appreciate – the things that actually last well beyond the ribbons and wrappings.  These are the people, the ones sharing this holiday with you, making the moment memorable.  This year…

Love – the ones you are with, the ones you aren’t with and the ones you have yet to meet.  Not only in this now, but every now coming.  2015 was preparatory and perhaps most of all it brought us to our knees for love.  Not to an altar or a specific god, not to the words of a specific doctrine, but to truth – all separation is fictional.  We are One.  This year…

Anticipate – what is next.   It promises to break all the rules, wipe out all the existing structures and set the stage for our emergence.  We are on the threshold of new traditions – created by an awakened race.  The Hue-Man Race. Continue reading

Moroccan Immersion — Pools of Love

Alia Head Shot 2I have not posted anything recently. The surface reason is that Tomas and I will be leaving Morocco and returning to the USA in one week, November 17th. We are excited to be returning to our home country and sharing the holiday season with our American family.

The deeper reason that I have not posted anything is that over the past month or so, I have been blessed with many experiences that are so profound and intimate that I am still integrating them in order to be able to write about them.

A few weeks ago, I returned from my weekly Darija (Moroccan Arabic) lesson and said to Tomas: “I just suck at this! The only thing that I excel at is that I just keep trying; I don’t give up.!”  Tomas spoke some reassuring words to me, acknowledging that this is part of learning any new language — you just need to keep going until the moment when something “pops.”

Almost immediately my breakthrough happened. Since then I have attended a ladies party (by myself with no other English speakers or anyone I knew before hand) that is part of a traditional Arab wedding — only women. That was an initiation in itself.

Then, I had a 10 minute conversation walking to my next Darija lesson with a perfect stranger, whom I greeted on the street — and she just kept on talking to me.

Next, two beautiful girls from our neighborhood came home from college for the weekend and had us over for lunch two of the three days they were here. I sent them back to school with many gifts but the biggest gift was their gift to me of speaking to me continually in Darija and not taking “I don’t understand” for an answer. They would just keep saying what they had to say one way or another until I “got” it.

They also left me with FB and texting connections, so I began texting and FBing in Darija and now I can stay in contact with many of the people here by internet and not rely only on the couple of English-speaking friends I have here.

There is much more to say but I’ll leave it for now. I am soaking in pools of love and understanding more deeply how family can ground one and connect one and hold one in a place of surety and safety — God’s love expressed here on Earth. To my family on both sides of the world — I love you ALL.

THANK YOU for loving me soooo much.

The Magic of Love

Alia’s Comments: “Dear Human,” So begin the beautiful Letters to Humanity from Sherri, who writes to us about everyday aspects of being human — in a divine sort of way. Today’s message I borrowed from her blog and it reminds us that love and magic are highly related. Thank you Sherri! As always, the image you chose is magnificent too.

~ ~ ~


Dear Human,

It’s always about LOVE. LOVE is the ingredient that makes EVERY life experience easier.

It makes pain tolerable. It makes shame and guilt overcomable. It makes peace instead of war. It makes grief heal more quickly. It makes suffering tolerable. It makes loneliness flee. It makes life beautiful.

It would be so good if we practiced love with everyone. Not just those who are loving.

If there were converting to be done, it should not involve religion. It should simply be to change the unloving into lovers.

Just my opinion.


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Winter Equinox – dark becomes LIGHT in TRUTH

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 Alia’s Comments: I have not posted for several months. I didn’t feel as though I had anything of my own to say. Although I considered posting other blogger’s material, I never actually made time to do it. Today, on the eve of the Winter Solstice (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) I read this message from Karen Doonan. It so articulates what I feel is happening NOW, at this closing of Year One of the New Galactic Cycle, that I felt compelled to post it for you to take to HEART.

 When I changed the name and the focus of this blog site at the beginning of 2013, my intent was to help my readers recognize, embrace and embody the New Paradigm that I felt and saw springing up around me. All year I have been training my 3D eyes to SEE newly (to get beyond my own doubt of seeing things that “weren’t really there.) Multi-dimensional perceptions look, feel and presence themselves quite differently than their 3rd dimensional counterparts. It takes practice to recognize and affirm these new methods of perceiving.

 About half way through this year, I found myself in such new territory that I felt incapable of describing the landscape. I stopped blogging regularly, hoping that at some point I would get a handle on things enough to explain them to others. So far, it hasn’t happened.

 HOWEVER, this post by Karen Doonan got my attention BIGTIME! I feel that this is exactly the process I am in at the end of 2013, gearing up for manifesting a much more SOLID version of those visions and images I’ve been working energetically all the way through 2012 to present. Some of the visions that are starting to come into visibility for me are visions I’ve been energizing for 25 – 30 YEARS! I’d about given up, frankly.

 So please take some time on this Winter Solstice celebration to read Karen’s words and let your imaginings spring forth into visibility and density. The Universal energies of the end of 2013 are sweeping us up into a beautiful New World of Harmony, Peace, Joy and LOVE.

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