It’s An Inside Job

New Dawn - Norway Credit: Aisha North

New Dawn – Norway
Credit: Aisha North

If I have “gone missing” from your comments section and neglected to “Like” your posts lately it is because I have been focusing my attention inward. For years I’ve agreed intellectually with the idea that “It’s an inside job” when it comes to spiritual work. And I’ve definitely done my share of that. However, about two months ago, I took a quantum leap “into myself.” I’m spending less time in virtual reality and more time in another Universe — the one within myself.

My inward journey has led me into a set of teachings authored by James Mahu. He claims to be a member of the Lyricus Teaching Order, a sub-category of the Wingmakers, AKA The Central Race. I have been particularly focused on the Six Virtues of the Heart: Understanding, Appreciation, Humility, Compassion, Forgiveness and Valor. I am benefiting greatly from studying, contemplating and journaling with regard to these qualities of the heart, as presented by Mr. Mahu and have intended to post portions of The Lyricus material on this blog.

Meanwhile, I found this article by Allen l. Roland, PhD over at Kauilapele’s site and felt that it was so in alignment with my own pursuits and experiences that I would use it to introduce the broader topic of Heart-centered inner work.

 Note: Although the author of this article is Allen Roland, he refers to the work of another inner explorer, David Degraw. I was a bit confused when I first read this about just who was writing, so I offer that as a heads up.

Worldwide Spiritual Resurrection Happening

As Teilhard de Chardin once correctly wrote ~ We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience ~ for right now the innate evolutionary forces of love and light are manifesting on the planet and they are demanding that we all participate and find our role in this rapidly evolving loving plan in action: Allen L Roland, Ph.D

I am observing a strange and wonderful phenomenon in my ongoing work as a heart centered consultant, advisor and mentor ~ people are no longer resisting the pull of their soul and want to be part of a growing worldwide spiritual resurrection. Continue reading