“Applying Your New Skill Set” — by Brenda Hoffman

Alia’s Comments: I found this post by Brenda Hoffman very useful in helping me to identify a couple of new skills that I have begun developing with JOY. One is telepathy. Actually, Tomas and I are practicing this together — making each other aware of when the other person has just spoken the very thoughts or words that we had just thought. The other morning, I had a tune running about in my head and all at once Tomas began humming it! I wondered if he had been singing it before and I had picked up on it but when I checked with him, he said no, he had just spontaneously begun to hum that tune for no reason he could think of.

The second skill set that I am playing with is more of a remembrance of a modality of healing whereby I allow the energy of Love to flow through my body and come through my hands into Tomas’ body. We’ve been practicing this skill with each other too — giving healing massages and energy work to each other as needed. We’re having fun with both skills.

Enjoy Brenda’s message and give some thought to the skills that you may be remembering and developing. I’m looking forward to the appearance of levitation myself. Anti-gravity inner tech — Yeah!

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Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are concerned that you are not zipping through various dimensions or frequencies. That your life appears much as it has always been. Even though such is not true, you cannot discern how different your being is from you of six months ago.

The first day of kindergarten or first grade, you most likely could not read or compute numbers. Such was not so by the end of that school year. You evolved physically, intellectually and emotionally, yet felt as if you were the same you.

So it is now. You are evolving rapidly. You merely do not have common markers, such as learning to read, that such is so. Continue reading

Stop Worrying and Start Living — Joy Is In The Air

Alia’s Comments: I receive Brenda’s channeled messages every Monday in my email inbox. They are always a treat to read and often (like the one this week) they are so on the mark, I can’t help but share them. I encourage you to follow Brenda’s blog, as her messages are a real boost of encouragement and inspiration.

My ancestors were some of those who pushed west of the Mississippi in the 1850’s to settle in California and Oregon. I have long known that I was pioneering an inner frontier and I have frequently drawn on the strength and determination of my forebears when up against challenging personal odds.

Tomas and I are creating our new world here in Morocco. As I mentioned last week, we are in the process of moving our home to a place we both love — Chefchaouen, The Blue City. We are creating every aspect of our lives according to new “rules” of a New Paradigm. I’m writing the “guidebook” as we go. Today, I’ll let Brenda speak on our behalf, because I truly couldn’t say this any better, if I spent days at it and I currently need my days for packing and cleaning. Enjoy Brenda’s message. ♥

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Dear Ones,

You have transitioned so rapidly we often have difficulties understanding how you have done so. You started, as it were, in the basement and now you are in the attic ready to fly into whatever it is you have longed dreamed of.

Perhaps you question your growth for you think you remain in the ‘house’ of yesterday. Such is not true.

The United States pioneers of the 1700’s and 1800’s moved westward despite almost impossible hardships. They did so without envisioning all that would happen as a result of their courageous wonderings. The same is true for you.
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