Love Has Won — A Message from James Gilliland

Alia’s Comments: James Gilliland is well-known for his UFO sightings and contacts, particularly at his ranch near Mt. Adams in southern Washington. He regularly invites groups to gather and spend the evening watching craft appear and hover in the sky.

James always seems to have something positive to say and I found this message particularly encouraging and refreshing. I also see it as further evidence of our progress toward the full shift in power that is currently taking place globally. This is the more esoteric side of the transformation of human consciousness that is moving us steadily toward a full visible shift in our physical world, jettisoning Humanity (seemingly overnight, although it may takes some years) several centuries into the future via the advanced technologies that have been withheld from the surface population for the past 100 years.

I have always felt that when our collective consciousness is ready to handle these technologies in a peaceful manner, the Shift of the Ages will occur. James’ message is a marker of our progress. Continue reading