Inter-Species Relations — The Desert Project

Alia’s Comments: I have posted this before, as part of my series “Aurora — City of Light,” first shown to me in a vision in the spring of 2012 and “recorded” by me over the next six months or so.

Upon reading the Sasquatch material recently posted on this blog, I remembered that I had addressed this topic of inter-species relations from a “post-disclosure” perspective. While reading the “Messages for Humanity” from the Sasquatch “Elder Brothers,” I began to think that perhaps I was instead  remembering a time in Earth’s history when we lived in harmony with numerous species (both Earthly and Extra-terrestrial in origin) on our dear Mother Planet, Gaia.

In any case, I have come to understand that “time” is an illusion and “events” that may appear to roll out sequentially, in 3D are actually playing out simultaneously in the rest of the dimensions, so it matters not whether these things occurred in our “past” or await us in the “future.” The important thing is that we begin to return balance, respect, acceptance of all our relations (regardless of appearance) and remember how to hold all beings as sacred and equal in the Greater Circle of Life.

That is the purpose of the Desert Project. Envision the possibility.

The Desert Project – Part I

I have grown to love the desert. In my last lifetime in the Old 3rd Dimension I had enjoyed looking at the desert scenery — driving past it or driving through it — but I did not quite resonate with the heat, the dryness or the animals who inhabited that environment to spend any length of time there. So I am one of those citizens for whom the “Desert Project” was created.

Our Environmental Planning Council (with input from Aurora’s Collective) chose to dedicate one fourth of our surrounding landscape (the entire southern quadrant) to remain as desert. As I explained earlier, we decided this for a number of reasons: to restore honor to desert environments and practice stewarding that which had gone unloved by so many; to cultivate new, equal and respectful relationships with desert animals, that we might interact and learn from one another; to cultivate an honoring relationship with the mineral kingdom, which we had considered “dead dirt and rock” in our previous life in 3D. Continue reading

Message from an “Elder Brother” — Parts 6 and 7

Sasquatch and ButterflyAlia’s Comments: Today we continue with the recent messages from the Sasquatch People, as received by native, SunBow TrueBrother, a contactee.

I continue to feel “protected” and guided by these beings, even though I currently live in Morocco, not their usual habitat from the little I know. However, my husband and I are returning to the States soon and will be spending time in the Pacific Northwest, where sightings and contacts regularly occur. Very exciting!

As many are re-posting these messages on various social media sites, I have decided to do one more post on this topic (after this one) and then move on to other related information. I just remembered a significant “tie-in” with some of my own writing about inter-species relations. I’ll be sharing that.

There are now 49 “chapters” from Sasquatch through SunBow. For those of you who have not already read this saga of our ancient beginnings on this planet, here is the link to the Sasquatch account of our planet’s true history. It appears that this is the time for many more humans to learn about our origins. Thank you for your interest and for sharing this vital information in your own circles of influence.

Sasquatch Message for Humanity Via SunBow

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 6)
SunBow: After this, I went up north, above the 56th parallel, some 300 km from Yukon. The first day of mushroom picking in the deep bush, I came across a dozen of clear Sasquatch tracks, well printed into the charcoaled soil. They were about 16 inches long, bigger than the ones I had seen on Vancouver Island, with a definite human foot shape with five round toes. I shared my discovery to a couple friends who brought it up at camp. The general reaction was the usual laughter and bear explanation, although another picker admitted having seen tracks as well. I succeeded in explaining that Sasquatch is a very well-known being in the stories of many Native traditions, especially in BC. But I knew I couldn’t mention anything about my encounters there, without being met with ridicule and seen as a weirdo.

The next day, as I had walked kilometers in the burnt forest, Sasquatch showed himself to me in the physical form. I first heard a sound, like a mixture of gentle groans and mumbling. The closest sound I can compare it to, although it might seem funny for some, is the voice of Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies; and you can bet they took their idea from somewhere. I lifted up my head and looked towards where the voice was coming from. And there he was standing, some 200 feet from me, beyond the pile of uprooted trees, with nothing standing between us, so that we could exchange a clear visual contact. He was over 8 feet tall, with light brown long fur, taller and slender than the black one I had seen on Vancouver Island in 2003. Although impressed, I was filled with joy, like if meeting an old friend. Continue reading

Telepathy — Our New Paradigm Communication

Anna Breytenbach Animal Communicator

Anna Breytenbach
Animal Communicator

If telepathy seems like science fiction, an ability you may acquire sometime in the distant future, think again. We all have those moments when we think of a friend or loved one with whom we haven’t spoken for a while and  — voila — the phone rings and that person is calling us. We all know couples who “finish each others sentences” and those of us who have pre-verbal children or pets of any age get to be experts at reading the messages they give us regarding their needs and desires.

My point is that we’re using telepathy (a multi-dimensional skill) without realizing that we are using it.

The following video is exceptional in every way. It demonstrates a level of inter-species communication via telepathy — a combination of “silent words,” images and feelings —  exchanged between a skillful human (Anna Breytenbach) and various members of the animal and bird kingdoms. Although Anna has spent years perfecting her ability to be this kind of communication bridge, she feels that we all have this ability naturally, we just haven’t developed it.

Anna believes that because mankind has separated itself from animals and the natural world, we have lost the richness of being able to communicate with our animal and plant counterparts. Through this remarkable one-hour documentary, she allows us a peek into the New Earth Paradigm awaiting us, as we begin to remember how to use this atrophied skill lying dormant within us.

And who better to learn from than our animal brothers and sisters who are using telepathy all the time.

Thank you Scarlett for sending this our way. Enjoy!