A Vision for All Things FREE

Alia’s Comment: I haven’t posted anything from the Vision Alignment Project but I have been holding this vision for a planet that provides all elements needed for an elegant, joyful, harmonious life — FREE — to all people. While we are in this Grand Portal of forward-moving planets from now until January 6, 2016, let us join our collective intention for this vision to manifest.

The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for All Things Free

We see a world where:

You don’t have to pay to be warm. Your heating is free, at any temperature you choose;

You don’t have to pay to have food. Your sustenance is free, from the most nutritious, health-giving sources it can possibly come from;

You don’t have to pay to communicate via phone, internet, or mail. Your communication avenues are free, and they are the best, most advanced technologies available;

You don’t have to pay for good health care. Your health care is free, and it is the very best that our society has to offer;

You don’t have to pay for shelter. Your home is free, in the most pleasant environment you can imagine;

You don’t have to pay to have clothing. Your garments are free, and they’re the most comfortable, colorful clothes available;

You don’t have to pay to travel. Your transportation is free, in the most reliable, safe, and clean vehicles and systems known to man;

You don’t have to pay for fuels. Your fossil-based, electromagnetic, solar, wind and water driven fuels are free, and they are safe, sustainable, renewable, clean, and becoming less of a drain on Mother Earth and more connected to the Sun, the winds, and the waters with each passing day;

You don’t have to pay for schooling. Your education, at all levels, is free, with the highest quality standards, held in the highest quality facilities that are designed specifically to be conducive to learning about whatever is of interest to you;

You don’t have to pay to have fun. Your recreation is free, with camping spots, theme parks, sporting events, playgrounds, hiking trails, and beaches open to everyone all the time;

And finally, you don’t have to pay to be alive. Living is free because there are no taxes, no tolls, and no trolls standing by the entrances to places you want to go. Life, in its entirety, gives you everything you need and allows you to go anywhere you want without fees or fears of any kind.

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Just imagine it! It can all be free
~ Tony Burroughs

Plasma Energy — From Keshe with Love

Dr. Mehran Keshe

Alia’s Comments: Right on the heels of my last post about the amazing humanitarian work of Manoj Bhargava, comes this world-shaking announcement from Dr. Mehran Keshe of the Keshe Foundation.

I have been following Dr. Keshe’s work of  for several years now (see prior post HERE) at times with great excitement and at other times with some skepticism. Wonderful ideas! Great commitment to enhancing the lives of all humans — yet very little visible evidence for all the talk.


On Friday, October 16, 2015, in Rome, Italy, Dr. Keshe will unleash his “Plasma Energy Unit”/Peace Generator (my term) on the world. This one device, the size of a shoe box, has the potential to revolutionize life as we know it on Planet Earth.

Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection has written a wonderful summary of Keshe’s plan to bring free energy and peace to our world simultaneously. I am re-posting her article with a STRONG recommendation that you watch at least the first 20 or 30 minutes of the embedded video.

PLASMA ENERGY — coming THIS FRIDAY to a neighborhood near YOU!

Keshe Plasma Energy Unit Technology: Gasoline may drop below $1 by Christmas

We are certainly living in interesting Times!!!

When Mehran Keshe ( www.keshefoundation.org) gives his plasma reactors to the world’s ambassadors on October 16th in Rome, Italy gas price should begin to plummet. Italy has already ordered over 1,000,000 units. China is jumping on this with both feet. The Saudi Prince was told to stop filling oil tankers because he’ll have nowhere to sell it.

Keshe says 10% of the world will no longer need gas by the end of October. This is divine activity being seen on a 3rd level. Obama was given a plasma unit on the 24th of September with the understanding that if America does not accept peace for energy, Keshe sends his patents out to the world. The Illuminati’s backs are against a very big wall. Continue reading

Flavors of Morocco

Approach to the Sanctuary for Expanded Consciousness

Approach to the Sanctuary for Expanded Consciousness

There are still 17 days before we arrive in Aouchtam and the pace of deconstructing our life of 10 years together is approaching warp speed. However, I realized yesterday that we’re actually in training for stepping into the creative vortex that our Moroccan community has become — manifesting a new paradigm reality nearly instantaneously.

10 days ago we harbored illusions of entering the stream of life there leisurely, gradually — we actually had the vision of “taking some time off” before we plunged into the joyous fray of co-creation. That fantasy dissolved as we listened to the One People Broadcast on 5D Media Network from March 17/18. The excitement, the joy of BEing and DOing together came through loud and clear. There will be no “dipping our toes in the water.” We’ll be plunging into the deep end and joining the “intention-manifestation” reality that is being refined in each NOW moment by the group consciousness there.

The latest (as of yesterday — there could be something even more recent by now) project/manifestation happening in Aouchtam is the discovery, leasing and restoring of a compound that has been declared The Sanctuary for Expanded Consciousness. Brian Kelly and Whitney Fisher, two of our core community members, posted a stellar report about this on Brian’s blog recently and included lots of photos. Rather than repeat what they said, I will direct you to this article HERE.

And then there is the free energy project — the QEG (lovingly called the Queege) that will arrive shortly after we do, destined to be connected to the village well to pump running water into the homes of 300 villagers. Here is a short video about this “experiment in consciousness.”

OK — back to the deconstruction zone. Thank goodness for the daily timeline that tells us what our focus is for today. If we just do what’s on the list, all will be done and we’ll board the plane in two and a half weeks with luggage in tow and smiles on our faces, ready to join our family in Morocco, taking you all with us in our hearts. We feel your loving support. Thank you so much for coming along on our social media sites. Many blessings, Alia

Morocco Bound — April 8, 2014

Alia’s Comment: My husband, Tomas, and I have been cultivating an international group of friends in virtual reality for the past three years. In October 2013, we attended an event in southern California that brought 100 of these internet friends together face to face for the first time. After an extraordinary extended weekend (during which time we mostly agreed that we were even better in person that over Skype or on Facebook) about 30 of those attendees began the OPAL (One People Absent Limits) Family Tour that crossed the southern part of the USA in RVs, forming a mobile conscious community as they went.

Yours truly made a spontaneous choice to join the tour and traveled with two ladies and a cat for the first 10 days. Two of us returned to the West Coast after that but the rest of the folks continued on, deepening the community spirit as they dealt with the joys and challenges of traveling in older, repair-intensive RVs, finding accommodations and providing meals for 30-40 community members on any given day. Oh, and broadcasting from the road four days out of seven, hosting call-in Blogtalk radio shows. No easy trick. All along the way the OPAL family did energy clearing work, sometimes with Native Elders, in order to pave the way for a new paradigm of living —  absent limits, where love is the solution to any “problem.” In all honesty, it was a personal growth workshop 24/7, even though it often had the appearance of a traveling party. Let me tell you, it was not for the faint of heart. I was challenged to the hilt regarding my need to have structure, know what was coming next and trusting my heart to lead me.

When the group made it to North Carolina in mid-December there was another huge extended weekend event to wrap up what was then considered Phase I of the OPAL Family USA Tour. What emerged next was definitely unexpected: to go to Morocco and form an intentional community. Why Morocco?  The core team had already visited Morocco for six weeks in May/June 2013 and a few of those team members had been living there since then. There was the possibility of developing suppressed technologies, such as free energy devices and advanced healing modalities — unrestricted by the big oil and big pharma interests that dominate the markets in most of the rest of the world. Morocco, it seems, doesn’t have much to exploit or plunder and thus, it has been pretty much ignored by the multi-national corporations.
Continue reading

Michael Tellinger: We Already Have Free Energy! Why Don’t We HAVE Free Energy?

Michael-Tellinger5091Recently, a reader sent me this 70 minute video of a speech that Michael Tellinger delivered last November at the second annual Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference. I had heard Michael’s name in association with the Ubuntu Community (a cashless society model) forming in South Africa. He is passionate about ancient civilizations, the remains of one surrounds Ubuntu.

What I was amazed to discover in watching this presentation is that Tellinger has uncovered an ancient Free Energy story that covered our planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. This energy grid or network used sound, the source of all energy and this revelation is documented in all major spiritual traditions.

Michael shows us in a high-voltage presentation, just how sound can produce heat to boil water, move objects in various ways (telekinesis) and how these discoveries have been on-going for a long time. “We already have free energy!” he tells us with conviction. Then he asks immediately: “But why don’t we HAVE free energy?”  His answer is simple: “Money gets in the way.”

I had to watch this twice. It is so full of information but intensely interesting and passionately presented. He gives us many things to chew on here, so be prepared to hear some new ideas.

I offer this insight through Michael Tellinger as further evidence that we are extremely close to bringing this form of transformative energy back into fashion on Planet Earth — for the greater good of ALL.