Merlin on Flow and Abundance

Alia’s Comments: Both time and money are constructs by which Humanity has been enslaved for millennia. The construct of time has stolen from us our Presence, our ability to dwell in the present moment, instead of reliving our “past” or wondering or worrying about our “future.” The construct of money has robbed us of the experience of our innate God-given Value, offering us instead the illusion that possession of material objects outside of ourselves (especially lots and lots of MONEY) constitutes our wealth and success.

After playing with and within these constructs for millennia, Humanity is now “waking up” to the understanding that we’ve been seriously distracted from those inalienable qualities within us that represent true freedom and sovereignty. However, most of us who are waking up are still deeply programmed to doubt our abilities to produce all forms of abundance (including and not limited to MONEY and TIME) from Source within.

In this recently channeled message, as received by Meline Portia Lafont, Master Merlin shares his perspective of how to move into creating all the flow and abundance that any of us could ever need or want — simply by staying Present to Source within. As we are each masters practicing and remembering, why not give this a try?

After all — those old paradigm tools aren’t working so well these days. It’s time to pick up some new ones and maybe even get a new toolbox entirely. Have fun with this. I welcome your stories of practice sessions and victories (and even your “failed” attempts) in the comments section below.

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