Moroccan Immersion — Pools of Love

Alia Head Shot 2I have not posted anything recently. The surface reason is that Tomas and I will be leaving Morocco and returning to the USA in one week, November 17th. We are excited to be returning to our home country and sharing the holiday season with our American family.

The deeper reason that I have not posted anything is that over the past month or so, I have been blessed with many experiences that are so profound and intimate that I am still integrating them in order to be able to write about them.

A few weeks ago, I returned from my weekly Darija (Moroccan Arabic) lesson and said to Tomas: “I just suck at this! The only thing that I excel at is that I just keep trying; I don’t give up.!”  Tomas spoke some reassuring words to me, acknowledging that this is part of learning any new language — you just need to keep going until the moment when something “pops.”

Almost immediately my breakthrough happened. Since then I have attended a ladies party (by myself with no other English speakers or anyone I knew before hand) that is part of a traditional Arab wedding — only women. That was an initiation in itself.

Then, I had a 10 minute conversation walking to my next Darija lesson with a perfect stranger, whom I greeted on the street — and she just kept on talking to me.

Next, two beautiful girls from our neighborhood came home from college for the weekend and had us over for lunch two of the three days they were here. I sent them back to school with many gifts but the biggest gift was their gift to me of speaking to me continually in Darija and not taking “I don’t understand” for an answer. They would just keep saying what they had to say one way or another until I “got” it.

They also left me with FB and texting connections, so I began texting and FBing in Darija and now I can stay in contact with many of the people here by internet and not rely only on the couple of English-speaking friends I have here.

There is much more to say but I’ll leave it for now. I am soaking in pools of love and understanding more deeply how family can ground one and connect one and hold one in a place of surety and safety — God’s love expressed here on Earth. To my family on both sides of the world — I love you ALL.

THANK YOU for loving me soooo much.