What? Three in One DAY???

I Do Not ConsentThese articles are a sure sign of progress. We The People are demanding that the Powers That Weren’t* deliver outcomes in a way that is “to OUR liking.

* my latest favorite title for these folks who thought they were in charge here and managed to make us think so too for a very loooong time.

This is coming in several forms; the links posted here are in two categories: “I Do Not Consent” and “Health May Be Profitable.” Either way — we win.

And for the record — there have been no signs of aerial spraying (chemtrails) in our skies for at least three full days! Hamdullah!

Yesterday, I was pleasantly shocked to see this article about the Richmond, California City Counsel voting to “ban the use of mind-control weapons and scalar wave weapon technologies” in their city, after evidence of such was reported by several residents there. How they will “enforce” this I have no idea BUT the “Quantum Voting Machine” is counting ballots with the City of Richmond’s strong statement of “We Do Not Consent.” Continue reading