A short Update on the Equinox Eclipse Energies by Aisha North

Alia’s Comments: I found this message through Aisha North very clarifying and holistic. The March 19th New Moon is being called a Supermoon, because of its proximity to Earth. It will eclipse the Sun totally in parts of the northern hemisphere, particularly, northern Europe and the UK. It occurs on the Equinox (first day of Spring or Autumn, depending on where you live.)

That’s a whole heck of a lot of major things happening in one day!

Do you think we won’t be affected? Apparently, this confluence of astrological influences is DESIGNED to affect each and every one of us to our cores.

So once again, our Star, our Sun is to be the harbinger of new energies for the purpose of our Humanity’s evolution. I found this statement particularly interesting:

“You see, as the Sun’s rays will seem to be lessened by the encroaching presence of the Moon, what will in effect happen, is that all of the energy that does not constitute the visual part of the sunlight will be greatly enhanced.”

In other words, the “message” will be transmitted and received whether or not you see the eclipse or sleep on through it. A grand upgrade is in process and here is Aisha’s “heads up” about it. Enjoy your day and look for my next post about “A Prayer for the Equinox.” (See Original Post.) Continue reading