Free Energy — Power to the People

Torus Field Around Earth

Torus Field Around Earth

Alia’s Comments: I’ve been in an on-going debate with myself (since receiving this information about 10 days ago) as to whether or not I should post it on my blog.

Dr. Keshe, an Iranian physicist, has become a rather controversial figure with some readers, appearing as one whose ideas are grand but where is the action behind them? He proposes to release zero-point energy technologies to the world — first to the world’s scientists and then the governments of the world — freely, with no patents — with the only stipulation being that ALL people benefit from his efforts.

Some people have noticed that since he made his original offers to these groups, that not many of them accepted his offer or began manufacturing free energy devices. Keshe has drawn criticism for not being who he purports to be, or even capable of demonstrating true working models of his theories.

Still, I believe that free energy technology (the ability to generate power from the “air” around us ,which can then be used to power our homes, our factories and our vehicles without polluting the atmosphere or depleting our planet’s precious resources) will be the SINGLE, MOST IMPACTFUL CHANGE TO DAILY HUMAN LIFE TO OCCUR IN OUR NEAR FUTURE.

And by near future, I’m speaking sometime within this year of 2014.
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