The Carbon to Crystalline Conversion — Part II

Being of Light smallAbout a month ago I posted Part I of my personal awakening to the understanding that my physical body was indeed in the midst of converting from a carbon-based, organic being to a crystalline, silicon being of light. I spoke of this process as being ongoing but that I was now moving forward with conscious participation.  I quote from that post:

“I suddenly KNEW that my physical body was making its conversion from carbon to crystalline. Everything I had read about and visualized and prayed for — WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!

Let me add here that this is still an on-going process, not yet complete. But now my process goes forward with my fully conscious participation.”

I also stated that this is a benevolent process, nothing to be feared or resisted. In fact, I had realized that much of my physical symptoms that were showing up as pain in my body were the result of my mind’s resistance to this process of humanity’s evolution.

I also realized that I needed to give my full attention to nurturing this process within me and decided to take a break from blogging until I had some concrete information, based on my own experience, to share here with you all. Almost immediately after making that decision, a gift came in the form of a musical attunement that enhanced and accelerated my conversion process. I’m back now to share my gains of the past month with you and to point you toward this tool that has made a HUGE difference in my physical, mental and emotional well being.

WARNING: Reading further may be beneficial (life-changing for the better) in every aspect of your life. Proceed at your own risk (taking full responsibility and liability for co-creating a level of GOOD in your life that may be beyond your current ability to imagine.)
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The Carbon to Crystalline Conversion

Homo LuminousFor the first time in a year of visioning and blogging I did not post last Monday nor did I give any explanation of why I did not. As you might imagine, I was not not sitting idly on a couch eating bon-bons. No, I was rather busy raising my own personal “white flag of surrender” to my process of humanity’s conversion from carbon-based beings to crystalline ones. My “caterpillar” is nearing completion of becoming “nutrient soup” and soon the emergence of my butterfly will occur.

I knew this was coming — I’ve intellectually understood this for 20 years — but when it actually was staring me in the face, I failed to recognize it. Until last Thursday in the wee hours of the morning.
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