Welcome 2014! The Year that Heaven and Earth Meet

2014 -- The Year That Heaven Meets Earth

2014 — The Year That Heaven Meets Earth

A Happy New Year to you all. As you can see I have changed the banner and the subtitle to reflect the focus of this new year, 2014.

Since New Year’s Day 1998 I have carried the intention to manifest Heaven on Earth. When I began that journey 16 years ago, I didn’t even understand what that meant or how it might happen. I have come to know that “understanding how” is not important to bringing forth a result. An intention to DO and the will to keep taking the steps (however small) toward that target — those elements are what actually bring ideas into physicality. Simple in concept. Not always  easy to apply.

As I approached the end of 2013 and could feel the “flavor” of this new year, I suddenly realized that the intentions and will of many humans had laid a foundation to support Heaven meeting Earth THIS YEAR. 2013 was the year that many of us THOUGHT this would happen but what we got instead was a year of royal house cleaning — both personally and collectively. Some of us griped and grumbled our way through the process of shedding residue that we thought we had dealt with decades ago. We honed and refined our inner selves and bore up under tsunami’s of Light that brought extensive physical discomfort (pain) to many and which  seemed to vanish as soon as we’d let go of that “little piece of baggage” that we’d thought we couldn’t live without. (Smile!)

As our human collective processed and polished, we raised our collective vibration and thus the vibration of our beloved planet was raised as well. This year — on a much Lighter foundation, we are ready to begin bringing forth those elements of physicality that heretofore would have been called miraculous, out of this world, HEAVENLY!

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