ReVision Your Life

I can help you re-envision your life.

Is there a part of your life that you would like to Revise? Edit?                       Re-Write (Re-Right?)

Well —  now you CAN DO IT!      You can ReVision it.    ReEnvision it.


In our 45 – 60 minute session we will identify the area of your life that you want to ReVision.   Then we will apply the appropriate technology to clear away any 3D debris before constructing the elements of your new vision for that part of your reality. Finally, we will discuss techniques and tools for you to continue on your own.

PLUS your session will be recorded so you can listen again and again.

I’ve been honing my skills as a Visionary and Manifester for 35 years. I have been blessed with a gift of being able to encourage others and help them to see just what needs to shift in order to create a new outcome.

If you would like to book a session to ReVision something in your life or EnVision something completely NEW, email me with your phone number and the best times to reach you (time zone will help greatly) and we’ll set up an appointment.

Pre-Qualification: In order for our work to be effective, you must be willing to take 100% responsibility for whatever is showing up in your life, exactly as it is. Without first accepting yourself and your life as they are, you will not be able to ReVision it.

Disclaimer: During our session I will not advise, prescribe, counsel, coach or assume responsibility for your health or your actions as a result of our work together.

Payment: The closer we get to living fully in 5D, the less we will be using money. A gifting economy is our future where our talents, joys and passions become the medium of exchange. The “Donate” button below can be used for a monetary expression of the value you receive from our session. Or you may offer me something in return that allows you to express your own creative spirit. I invite you to look within and choose with your heart what feels best to you.

Looking forward to ReVisioning with you!    Alia Chandler



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