Mass Meditation for Timeline Protection — Download this Video and Time Table

I believe that this will be THE week during which the millennia-long war between good and evil will be made visible to all good people of the Human Race.

There may be civil unrest, great confusion and chaos, as the sleeping masses are shocked awake with revelations of truth that are painful, yet irrefutable. It is our job as Lightworkers and lightwarriors to “Hold the Light”, KNOW that we are watching a Divine Plan unfold that will reveal to ALL that which has controlled Humanity and our Planet for eons — unseen by design.

Now, the perpetrators of this evil control will be revealed — they will stand exposed for their crimes against Humanity in the Light of Truth. The dark, occult mechanisms by which they maintained their control, will likewise be revealed for all to see and understand.

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Welcome to 2021 with Messages from Magenta, Blossom and Sophia

A most Happy New Year to all of you. The year has gotten off to a galloping start. I am posting this while I still have internet. There are rumblings  that the US may lose internet and debit/credit card access for a few days (up to two weeks). I have heard no mention of electric power or phone service going out nationwide but recommendations to have food, water, medications and other necessities ready by today — in the event that curfews or lock downs prevent our ability to move about. It is also recommended to have cash on hand, as card services will be interrupted during this outage.

So in spiritual preparation for the above, I am posting three messages from three of my favorite messengers to assist you with keeping your frequency high, your knowing strong and your heart open, trusting that this is a Divine Plan that is playing out and that “Divine Plans” do not fail. You may want to download these, so you can watch them offline. All will help you hold the Big Picture in the face of seeming loss and defeat.

Magenta Pixie and the “Nine”


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Some ‘Tangible” Results of our Solstice Meditation

The first “tangible” results of our Solstice meditation have been posted by Cobra, the spokesperson for the Light Forces who have been working tirelessly to liberate our planet and her population full time since the early 90s.

Prior to the solstice I began noticing that I was in a happier mood (even first thing in the morning before coffee). The high vibe energies were lifting me up. Since the Solstice I’ve noticed that my mind is much more cooperative during my meditation sessions and that I continue to feel calm and peaceful, although there are still many happenings in the macro world to suggest that I should be anxious or even frightened about “things to come.”

In this report Cobra confirms that indeed the matrix control grid is being deconstructed, Chimera spiders are being cleared from their underground bases, the implants in all humans are beginning to be dissolved — and much more.

And please watch the video at the end to see what’s coming shortly for all beings on our world, once the final Event clears the rest of the darkness from our planet. For decades, for lifetimes, many of us have been holding similar visions of our world transformed, all traumas healed and “flights of fancy” becoming our new normal. Tomas and I wept as we watched the wonders that will be ours in this lifetime. The best is truly ahead of us. Once we get through this short, intense scene in the movie that is currently playing out called “The Final Battle for Planet Earth.” In the end, the Light wins and the darkness will be seen. How we arrive there? Well that’s the exciting part. We’re getting there together. Blessings, Alia

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Solstice Update from Sophia Love and “One” — We Made It!

Dear Readers,

Thank you again for your participation in Monday’s mass meditation. Many have shared that they felt something magnificent and knew that we had reached our goal. Cobra will come out with a more empirical report in a week or two. Meanwhile, Sophia Love, a dear blogger friend of mine, whose work I have posted here from time to time, sent her own update on Tuesday. Sophia is a seer and a channeler who brings us messages from many different beings. Recently, she has published three volumes of messages from “One”. Sophia participated in our mass meditation and her experience is posted below. Following her message is a validation of what happened for Earth and all sentient beings here as a result of our unified intent and presence during Monday’s meditation. Enjoy and Rejoice!

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Goal Reach +: Primary Interference Sequence in Progress

Thank you everyone who participated in yesterday’s Solstice meditation with the intent to trigger our entry into the Age of Aquarius. WE DID IT!

We exceeded the goal of 144,000 people meditating, thus authorizing the Galactic Federation Light Forces to begin the deconstruction of the matrix control grid that has keep humanity in check for at least the last 25,000 years. They went to work immediately. Yeah, this is a really BIG deal!

Tomas and I have been feeling intensely happy — Jupiter, the Planet of Happiness — has left a gift for us. I expect that life will get steadily easier and better for all in the coming months. Cobra will make a full report in a week or two.


Victory of the Light!