Maude’s Manifestation As Told by Bob T.

I’m feeling compelled to share a story. The other day I was out walking our dog, Sophie, and we saw her new “boyfriend” Oso, a gorgeous, gentle, 150 pound Newfoundland-Bernese Mountain Dog mix, being walked by a pet sitter. We introduced ourselves and joined with Maude and Oso to walk a while together. Maude told me she was blessed with the pet sitting job because without it, she would have nowhere else to be. I was taken with her bright eyes and optimistic outlook. I asked her what she was going to do, and she said she was putting an ad on Craig’s list the next night: that was this past Friday. She would be homeless by Tuesday morning.
On Saturday Maude and Oso came to our door to see if we wanted to walk again. She told me someone answered her ad, and that she needed to get into town for the “interview” the next day. I agreed to take her to the address which is near/below Museum Hill. The home was magnificent, gated and groomed, with an enormous rose garden. The owner not only gave Maude the “position” of house/pet sitter, but offered her his extra car and a housekeeper who would come monthly to keep things tidy. Her only exchange will be to care for his two pedigreed kitties the 3 weeks per month he is out of town. The job starts tomorrow, Tuesday.
What strikes me is how awesomely Maude manifested a perfect scenario for herself. A rent-free, clean, beautiful space, with housekeeping and a car thrown in. Her ad was only a few lines in which she stated clearly that she was an artist in need of a place to live in exchange for cooking, cleaning, pet-sitting, caregiving, or whatever the offerer was in need of. A separate ad requested the donation of a car. All her intentions and needs were met with one call. The home owner lives in Mexico 3 weeks per month and was glad to have a long term commitment from Maude.
It turns out, Maude is an artist. Take a moment to watch her Youtube… these are her photographs and words. Please feel the magnificence of what manifested here. Send her a blessing and gratitude for helping us all to remember what’s possible, and to remember that we all have the capacity to create miracles in our own lives and the lives of others. And most importantly, we are always held in Divine Embrace.

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