Layman’s Introduction to UCC and Slavery Legal System

These simple explanations of how the UCC came into use and what it took to use the UCC to reclaim Common Law and Sovereignty for all beings, under God, came to me from a friend who is a member of a Yahoo discussion group. I have made no edits to these email texts, so you will see some typos, etc. 


To: “” <>

Subject: RE: [2012Scenario] Re: The One People’s Public Trust” Discussion of 1-1-13… VIDEO and MP3s


Dear fellow LIghtworkers, The UCC can be a tricky subject.  The old paradigm makers, took our constitution, hi-jacked it, perverted it, manipulated it, hid the new rules in plain site, in what is known as the UCC;  the Uniform Commercial Codes. They then wrote them in a language regular people didn’t speak, and then proclaimed it the Law of the Land. The Law of the Land was originally Common Law.This was done during a civil war, a bankrupcy and a depression. In the 1930’s. When was the great Depression? 1929 until some sources say 1939. The UCC fraud and constitutional hi jacking occurred in 1938. In 1938, the rulings of the Supreme Court were also changed, to prevent the use of any law that was “based” upon Common Law. Common Law was a very simple structure. Do no harm. In common law, no one was fined if no one was injured. Period. Under the UCC, many laws were made that are “revenue” based. To make money. This is why we pay a fee for: marriage license, dog tags, speeding tickets, fishing permits, and the list is again endless. Under Common Law, people got married in a simple ceremony, under God. Under the UCC, the gov’t is now involved as a third party. This is why one goes to court to get a divorce. Not so under Common Law. These are the simpler examples of UCC codes. Once you get into the finance areas, you have to speak the language.  So the real truth, yes, its a bunch of papers, but these papers/UCC codes have been used to fool america into believing we had no power.

The UCC  does have legal standing. It is, or “was” the basis of all commerce in every industry, and these are international rules. Anything traded, sold, shipped, transported, manufactured, birthed, involves commerce. Birth certificates, drivers licenses, fishing permits, marriage blood tests, the list is endless.

The irony is, the UCC not only contains all the laws governing the above, it also contains the Remedies. (you can think of these as legal solutions). The problem has been that because the UCC was deliberately written in fancy legalise,and hidden in a mountain of paperwork, one not only has to wade thru all these volumes, but also have a good understanding of the areas of:
true history, banking, finance, government, commercial law, statutory procedure.
What the One People’s Trust did, was to find those remedies “and” to find the UCC’s own loop holes to turn the system back to Common Law!
This was a huge undertaking, even for people versed in the specific areas. And where Heather states: the paperwork was filed, and no rebuttals came forth. This means just like when we receive a form that gives us so many days to respond, this same rule is used under the UCC. They (the people’s trust) did indeed, use the UCC, to trap them with their own rules!
You know the saying: “It takes a thief to catch a thief?” If you “know” the rules of the game, you can beat them at their “own” game! The   issue has been, hardly anyone knew the rules! The people just went along, not questioning the rules.
I have a friend, who studied the UCC, and used the UCC procedures, to charge off ten thousand dollars of hospital debt. She studied this system for a long time, had a mentor who taught her how to use the UCC,  and she became Sovereign. To this day, she pays  no taxes, and this is done  legally.
Google: Winston Shroud-UCC, Jordan Maxwell-UCC, Aaron Russo for more info on this. 
What I see as the challenge here, is very similiar to what was channeled fromArchangel Gabriel. The message was something like this: People are still not receptive to abundance being a possibility. And having broached the subject of the UCC with friends, many have a difficult time believing such a hi jacking occurred.
The fact is, the 16th amendment was never ratified.  Federal income taxes are illegial. And folks, this is just oNe example of the many frauds perpetrated on the masses.
We change history by knowing how we got here, so that we can take measures to make sure, the same tyrannical behaviors are never again allowed.
My understanding is this:
The UCC contains both the laws and the Remedies. The remedies involve the filing of extensive paperwork (their idea of making people jump thru the hoops and figuring most will not go to the trouble to do this.) And for a long time, they were right, few were willing to do the work.
My sincere gratitude goes out the One People’s Public Trust for this amazing achievement.
So how can we help?
We can help ArchAngel Gabriel blow theTrumphets! Ring the bells of Freedom. Send our collective energies out to the Universe that the time has come, to be Free. The format has been put in place. All we have to do IS claim it for our own.
All we have to do, is think “fReedom”…..and we can do this just by making our own energyreflect this new paradigm.
BeLieve! Dare to bEliEve in fReedom.
Remember, everything starts with a belief system.
Ask yourself what it is, you “believe”. Now ask yourself is this belief is what you want to live.
Here is a second message from the same discussion group. If you Google the signor’s name, you will find he is well qualified to speak as he does.


Subject: [2012Scenario] Message to the people of “The One Peoples Trust”


Hello People of the New Gaia,

I finally took the time to get my account straight and rejoin the group, properly. I promised to keep you up dated on The One Peoples Trust, and try to answer some of your UCC and strawman questions.

So here we go. The documents are legal and binding, they cover all state and federal corporations/governments (in caps) and the UCC itself. Because the claim was not disputed we now legally own what in the pass we believed to be owned by the cabal!

That includes our own strawman too! At this point I know this can’t resonate with most of us because the terms here are not familiar to many reading this message.

In essence we have taken back the rightful property that has been for centuries controlled by illegal corporations, that have kept us in the dark and used us claiming that our ignorance of the law is no excuse, and if we don’t know our rights we have none.

That is true and we suffered horrible because of it, no real blame on our part because they also kept us so busy trying to make a living we didn’t have the time to do the things we hoped and trusted that our government would do for us.

Well that is all as my friend calls it “Yesterdays breakfast” and believed it or not, we are in a brand new world known as “The Golden Age” it’s uncharted and you “The Free People of The Planet Gaia” are the owners in fact equally and unrebutted!!!

Welcome to your free and clear owned and not yet operated brand new world!!!!! It is your gift from Source by way of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf who legally took it away from the cabal, banks, huge corporations, and it is now in the possession of “The One Peoples Trust” and that is You.

When all that settles in and we get over the unbelievable, and the to good to be true part, the next question is what do we do now, freedom and wealth hummmmmm? Excuse me? Are you sure? Absolutely!!!

OK. I said I sent them an email. In the email I explained that we would have a problem explaining all this to We the People, and suggested we turn the banks around and reverse the normal procedures by allow We the People to got to the Banks and turn in our rent, bills, mortgages, insurances, utilities etc. and maybe take out a few emergence funds for now, and until we can get the rest organized.

The country needs to be audited and is on hold until further notice by The One Peoples Trust by way of our Trustees so we do need to open an immediate discussion to discuss just how We the People want to organise and take responsibility of our new undeveloped, on hold, waiting for our response, World.

When that settles in, Our trustee responded to my request by way of Louise. You can go to AMERICAN KABUKI Q&A to see both my suggestion and the response.

I’ve sense suggested creating a ” council of 12″ committee divided by the 12 signs of the zodiac as opposed to race, creed, color and religion, and that the council is only to hear the voice of the people represented by the 12 birth signs and relay the peoples desires to our trustee’s to make it so.

So any questions? While I wait for your serious questions, I’d like to suggest we ponder this “We are now rich and free” who is going to do the work? We have no governing authority. Who is going to tell us what to do? We have no enemies. How will we police ourselves? We are aggressive and violent at times. Can we commit to treat others the way we want to be treated? Can WE the People Love and respect each other just the way We are? Or OMG ask the cabal to hold on just a minute we need to think about this (smile)Sorry,

Too late for that one.

OK I’ve put it all out for you to all take your time and digest it. I love you each as must as ever, am excited and willing to patiently help us get us into paradise as soon as possible.

Don’t know how we’ll get the lion to lay down with the lamb yet so don’t ask that please, but I think we have more pressing issues on our plate at this time. Like what the heck is a CVAC and Do I care? Yes I think you do.

You Ready? Take a deep breath, blow it all out, put a smile on your faces, walk outside and take one more last look at Old Gaia, Your Gaia and lets make her proud of us and pretty again….And…

Lets get this party started? Don’t want to keep our trustees waiting, You wouldn’t want to be done that way would you?

All My Love



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