Faith’s Dream Vision of the Eye of God

Faith’s Dream

I am blessed with a very interesting dream life- and the ability to recall the dreams without immediately writing them down! The night of Aug. 19/20 I had the following dream-I was in a big building with many other people, and at one point I looked out a side window and saw a huge eye in the sky (side view, so the eye wasn’t looking directly at me, more like a profile.)  The eye seemed feminine, and there was some wavy hair visible from the head.I realized I’d seen two previous eyes like that but they had seemed masculine or just gender-neutral, now this feminine one made three!  I was super excited and began going around to various people  in the building to see if they had seen it too and to tell them about it.  It seemed like people on the other end of the building hadn’t seen it- you had to be facing the right direction.

I was saying to people that I felt we were lucky, that this was the eye of God and that we were in a very important time.  But that it could be a bit challenging during the transition coming up.

I’m not that good of an artist to draw the eyes…but found a couple of illustrations that are relevant-

First, a picture of Lord Krishna and his wife, Radha-  as an example of God and Goddess eyes that are beautiful! and they are my God and Goddess!

And second, this is a very interesting synchronicity- a crop circle that appeared on 8/20, right in time with my dream-

Isn’t that amazing? This crop circle totally reminds me of the eye I saw in my dream! I went to crop circle connector (the website that posts all the British and other circles as they appear) to see what comments people had made about this circle. The first few commentors were strictly talking about astrology and the movements of Venus and Mercury etc.  Nothing about eyes of God…but then I found some comments that fit with my impressions in my dream! Here are some parts that I liked from the comments-   note first the ‘double male seed and single female seed’  below- (thanks Rose Rossa)

And then, this part talking about Quetzalcoatl and his return and watching us-MESSAGE from the STAR COUNCILS OF LIGHT about the Woodborough Hill crop circle of 20 August 2012 – channelled through Amuna Ra –

The complex design signifies in its first layer of meaning the eye of the feathered serpent which has been shown to you in so many of our circles this season. Quetzalcoatl-Kukulcan has been watching you ever more closely and is preparing his return. Some of you are very aware of this and he speaks directly within you. For these human souls, he is there with them: he has returned and with them walks the earth once more. He looks out of their eyes and sees the world as you human beings have made it, for you are creative beings. He speaks within you and sends his messages out to the world through your voices and writings. You work with him and he works through you. It is a wonderful work of co-operation between gods and humankind.

When you gaze upon this formation you become aware of the arcs within with the gesture of their arms reaching out in very specific directions to receive what will be given. Contemplate further, dear ones, what this may mean in an astronomical sense. The overall formation indicates your principal directions on the earth plane, and you can both see and feel the degrees of shift of the polar axis as you see the changing alignments along the outstretched arms, in the step-wise shifts. We have sent you these clues in many of our circles of recent times.

AND FINALLY THIS —  (thanks to David Odell)

The time is one of revealing, exposing, identifying and recognizing the ills of falsely planted consciousness. Things are tipping to the left. The divine Feminine rises with strong certainty and creativity. Like a Jaguar, the inattentive will hardly be aware of her presence. The twig snaps, but nothing is seen.

Slightly tipping, is shown here. Perfection is not necessary. The truth is like a thousand female Jaguars, with hungry cubs waiting. 

SO FAR —  buds —  bursting and ready —  but not yet blooming.

That’s all folks, I’d love any impressions, happy to share this…. Faith Lubitz


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