Darla’s Vision of Inner Earth and Her Reflections

On May 10, 2009 Darla was transported from her home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to Inner Earth where she spent approximately one Earth day of time. Below, she shares some of her extraordinary experiences and remembrances of this wondrous journey. She also shares her insights and reflections about how it feels to be “Divinely Loved” and then return to Idaho to encounter the fear and doubts that are so prevalent in the 3rd Dimension.
Darla’s Vision
It’s difficult to explain and do justice with words, so many images flash by instead. It’s a completely different world than the one we know here, as you can imagine.  There are Crystal Temples where we do our “Life Reviews.” A special “guide” (who has studied everything about us from the Akashic records or wherever)  is appointed for each one of us and they do their service as a great labor of love. While we are there, undergoing Life Reviews, a place is created for each of us, made of every form of love that we’ve ever given or received. This love is incorporated into a home for each of us to stay in. It is always available for us, whenever we wish to return.
In this home are all my favorite colors, patterns, designs, even views I have loved of lakes, forest, ocean, water falls —  the most gorgeous vistas — were tailored individually to thrill and touch my heart, bringing “remembrance” back to me, using knowledge gleaned from all my lifetimes, or at least certainly the highlights of all I have treasured and held dearest in my heart. We have these patterns of things we love that are recognizable. This is just the external home where one stays for however long the “life review” lasts, and if one can stay longer, all the greater. My stay was not that long. Since Agartha does not use linear time, it was as if I had been taken “out of time” for this day; time was stretched to include all these new vistas for me.  Yet in linear time, it all took place within one day on Earth.  I had just a mere glimpse of this process. My home in Inner Earth is there whenever I wish to visit again.
And so is YOURS —   A real wonder to look forward to seeing!
It is so touching a display that it makes me cry with the sheer joy of it.  The idea that someone would love us enough to go to such painstaking care in designing all that we love into a complete package; a generous gift that can never be taken away ~  is not something you will ever forget.  Things like shelter and homes are fleeting in 3D, so this eternal home of LOVE especially touched my heart.
These are the kinds of “World Servers” we are to become for one another.  It’s one of the most wonderful and touching parts of being there for me, at least of what I can remember.  The beauty of Inner Earth is breathtaking and astonishing but I was not able to bring back great detail, because it would have been too difficult and painful to return to finish out the rest of our Ascension from 3D to 5D.  As I have been able to raise my vibration, more of this experience comes back. But it had to be in increments to allow me to balance all these wonders and not be too distracted to live once again in the NOW — – to be here to experience Earth’s Ascension and my own.
So in my May 10, 2009 experience, Inner Earth was mainly used as a transit portal or stargate to get to other planets in our Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. We did not linger very long in Inner Earth before going forward, eventually to Saturn where I waited outside a “Council of Worlds” meeting for Saturn, our grandfather of Earth, before returning to my home in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.
We are visiting Inner Earth all the time right now, as well as many other stars, planets, and ships but this is usually in our etheric and astral traveling state. To take your physical body on these kinds of journeys requires many adjustments. I would go so far as to say that for me, I went through a real physical “SHOCK” returning to Earth after this tour was complete. Since I went through wormholes and zipped in a flash, I have learned to take off all jewelry even before going to sleep because we are traveling a lot and adjusting daily, going from the higher realms and through other dimensions back to lower dimensions and then being uplifted again. All these shifts to get us prepared to traverse back and forth without so much difficulty. First, in our thoughts and dreams and then taking our physical bodies along with us. It’s all very amazing and hard to express what this feels like…
It surprised  me was to learn that we could travel through Inner Earth to get to all the other outer planets in the blink of an eye and travel all over the galaxy. This was amazing and caused me some adjustments upon my return to my room in Coeur d’ Alene.
First, for three days I shook with a chill and kept asking my daughter, Jenn, to pile more blankets on me. I came back retaining images that there is no language to convey. For instance, none of our scientists have anything right. There are trillions upon trillions of stars and galaxies, and NO math language when I got back to Earth to convey what I had seen. AND my excitement while trying to describe these events probably made me sound like a gibbering idiot. I was so full of love and things I had seen but I lacked words to convey it all so that others could understand. Our language simply has no words to describe all that is out there and the glory of seeing it….
My first babbling attempts to share with my Earth family made the transition back into my lower dimensional life all the harder to readjust to. One moment I was in the Heavens and the next back to all the doubts of those living in the fear matrix.  When in the presence of these Higher Realm Beings, you simply never wish to be out of their presence, so great is the Divine Love that envelopes you ~ so it is one thing that keeps me enthuasistic about assisting everyone to raise their vibrations, so we can all share in this new state of being and never be forced to live in the lower dimensions ever again.
Being in the presence of these Celestial Beings, who express, “Divine Love” (which is a notch above “Unconditional Love”) re-set my standard of living so high as not to fit in very well in these lower dimensions on Earth in the present day. It took some further adjustment to create my own “new reality” on a higher plane here. In my case I use the forest as a buffer zone to create a sanctuary for myself and my family and many animals.  While in this sanctuary I have felt swept up in love for all beings but then when I leave this sanctuary, I run into very real doubts and the negativity of others whose reality is limited to 3D. It is then I often feel I am without words or means to share how things really are in my experience.
We are each creating our own reality anew ~ not at some future date, like December 21, 2012 but right NOW —  in this ONE PRESENT MOMENT.
It’s all we have — this one moment —  IN time or OUT of it!
Many others have not experienced this “Divine Love” first hand for many eons nor do they remember it after being battered and tossed by our 3D life situation. However, all this is changing by the moment. We can ask to remember, ask to know and it will be given to us. This experience allowed me to look through a visor of pure Divine Love instead of projecting my own doubts and fears outward. We will all know these things soon as we have just forgotten.
It is with some reluctance that I share about the many events I witnessed as freely as I once did. In my attempts to speak of these things I experienced in Inner Earth, I was often greeted with an element of ridicule
In the higher realms, our separation issues and so many feelings of unworthiness can be clearly seen for what they are ~ unreal, invalid. I am grateful for this knowledge that came with my experience on May 10, 2009. If only everyone else could know and understand. Sadly, not many others realize that all these issues go away when we can reach a higher vibration where they will trouble us no more. The most important knowledge I retained was the pure way we are cherished by our Angelic counterparts and Higher Selves. It is the most wonderful experience to be with them again and this is something I attempt to convey (as best I can) to those who have forgotten who we are and will always be.
Meanwhile, it is often painful to watch peoples’ fears and doubts but I also witness everyone’s vibration being uplifted and influenced by Solar winds of change that will return each of us to our full consciousness. With that will come our remembrance. Once we reach this point in our ascension, all will be restored and we will truly leave duality. I see these changes happening more  each day and the light quotient rising along with us. All signs of great cheer for the wonders that lie ahead. Just as the key to the Universe lies within Inner Earth, so it lies within our own hearts. Soon we will bring Heaven to Earth and easily traverse back and forth again, joining together once more in unity without separation, just as we did in earlier times we have long forgotten.
Much love to all of us ~ as we journey on together!  XOXOX

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