Bev’s Vision of Humanity’s Healing Through the Portal of Herself

The experience I’m about to share started about a week and a half before the Autumn Equinox (September 23, 2012.)

The day of the Equinox I gave permission that my body could receive as much as possible for growth and well being.

That evening I went to bed with the heating pad wrapped around my right shoulder, as this energy was intense. Neck, shoulder, arm, shoulder blade — [everything] felt as if something was moving through me like a freight train. I massaged it until I was so tired. . . .

As I focused on the energies, I could begin to see what was taking place.  I always call it my electromagnetic field. It looked like electricity moving through my energy field [and] it encompassed my energy field from the top of my head down to about my waist area.

It was like a pie shape and continued out into eternity and circulated back to me.

As I looked unto this field I could see a wiping clean, like decoding.

Geometrical shapes, color and sound were building a whole new energy field.  I could see this encompassing all of humanity’s energy field together. I had the impression that someone else, [who] has the capacity to believe, was working, building the other parts of the energy field at the same time.

I was gifted to actually see the process of this in slow motion.  Remember the saying: “When a butterfly moves it wings, the motion is felt around the Earth?”  It came to mind as I was shown our planetary system lining up and the vibrations ( beautiful sound, glorious colors and movement) as they were lining up.

Then the combination of humanity reaching this heightened state of Christ-ed Consciousness.  The Love of Divine Oneness combining everything together.

Old energy patterns diminishing and the rebuilding of crystalline clearer patterns.  Like factual moving and exchanging vapors unto a New System.  It is us transcending into the orbit of Divine Love.

Totally trans-formative Divine Love is a higher quantum state in which thoughts, feelings, words and deeds are formulated and expressed outside of karmic constraints and free of the limitations of self, time and space.

This is so exciting and a HUGE quantum leap for our planet.

As I toned, breathed, massaged and flowed with this movement I could see the crystalline matrix of humanity forming into our energetic system.  I could see energy fields of all humanity, our planet, breathing in the gigantic expression and forming the bridge — expressing Love into Oneness. All energy systems were in unison — of one system.

This was like merging many computer systems and bringing them online together linking all systems [into] One.

As humanity realizes the capacity of creating, much will go forward. As our hearts see and feel, we can do.

This was a total rewire of humanity’s lungs and breathing system reaching eternity and back, hooking up this flowing motion of Love.

My body needed much water as I sang into the hours of the early morning of the 23rd of September.

This was HUGE to see this take place.  I get it now at many levels.

Putting this to words seems to limit the experience I felt.


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