Evidence of Our New Reality

This page offers a chronological listing (most recent first) of things that people are observing (internally or externally) that serve as evidence of our shifting into a New Paradigm. You can also find this evidence in the comments on the blog posts. The experiences on this page have been sent to me by email or are my own observations and experiences.

Please send evidence to: vision5d2012@gmail.com     Photos, Videos also welcome.

January 21, 2013 — Alia — Oregon

Today, the afternoon light that was streaming into our living room at a little after 4 PM was so brilliant Tomas and I were just struck dumb in awe.

 This is January! It is not even the END of January! That this degree of Light is coming into our home at this late afternoon hour is quite remarkable. Tomas and I believe that this is the parallel reality that exists alongside the 3D reality that many people are still seeing. Those of us who are looking with 5D eyes are seeing things differently. Viva la difference!
Today is our 8th wedding anniversary. I remember having my hair done at 5 PM on my wedding day 8 years ago and walking out of the salon just before 6 PM and into a dark sky with all the streetlights on. Now we take sunset walks and it is still light at this time of day — something is happening, don’t you think?

January 2, 2013 — Alia — Oregon

Tomas and I got a reality check today when we drove to Brookings (30 minutes south) to do some shopping and register him for unemployment. Before he had driven 5 miles (he loves to drive) I knew something was not right. A couple miles later, he pulled over and asked me to drive. “The car didn’t feel right,” he said. So I drove to Brookings but after the first stop in more congested traffic, I passed the wheel back to him.

Most of the time I really had the feeling I was observing everything from a 5D perspective and would feel very alert and calm. At times I even felt like a “walking awareness” instead of a body. Then suddenly, my egoic mind would “seize up” with 3D and I would feel overwhelmed and disoriented. I walked around Fred Meyer reassuring myself (which “self” I’m not sure) that “this is a benevolent Universe and there was no need for fear or concern.” Then I would be OK for awhile. When we were ready to come home, I offered to drive and Tomas gratefully accepted. We had not been down to Brookings (pop 6,000 — we call it “the Big City”) for at least a month. We have not noticed this level of increased consciousness here in lil ole Gold Beach. But Whoa! We got a reality check today. WE HAVE INDEED SHIFTED.

December 31, 2012 — From Wayne in North Carolina

“I have noticed several more beautiful sunrises than normal in these last few days.  The colors are more more brilliant and vivid.  Also the sky seems a deeper shade of blue.  I have noticed that people in the public going about their daily business seem to smile more and be more polite to each other.”

December 31, 2012 — Julie — Oregon

“Subtle awareness is required to detect the changes, but they are here. My daughter decided to buy a car with her very limited funds. She and I decided we wanted this to happen while she was home for Christmas for a week. Factoring in 1 day drive time home, a weekend, Christmas eve, Christmas day and the attendant DMV holidays involved, it was a bold proclamation, at best. She began her Craigslist search, while having this fantasy that her little car would be black with tan interior.

Her search took her to a little car 45 minutes from our home which was just listed the day before. We made an immediate appointment to test drive it, even though it was beyond her price range. I knew the minute I sat in the back seat that this was her car. Her dad and I had to let go of our old ways of buying cars…endless sorting, excluding those out of our price range, and the myriad other fears that surface when buying used cars without warranties (FEAR). We negotiated a fair price, she was able to pay cash, we miraculously had 4 tires installed on CHRISTMAS EVE with the cheerful assistance of the cute guys at Quality Tire, and joyfully installed the new “gift” in the carport, black with tan interior!

Early on the morning of Dec. 26th, we waltzed into the DMV to an empty waiting room, EFFORTLESSLY registered a vehicle in less than 2 minutes, and had a major celebration dance in the parking lot for the easiest DMV experience of our collective lives. (Her dad and I had to release many years of DMV trauma as as result of owning a motorcycle dealership!)

SO this is just one of several miraculous experiences we’ve experienced as a family since December 21st. Subtle?..yes and no, depends on your perspective. Struggle is so deeply embedded in the cellular memory of every human that it will take us some time to fully settle in. When the financial reset happens, i believe that we will truly “trust” that we’re on our way. Many people are using this as their benchmark. I’m looking forward to reading all the shifts that are noticeable to the readers of this blog…they will inspire us all to be even more aware. Thank you for this celebratory forum!”

December 21, 2012 — Alia — Oregon

“The following is the first indication (in our world) that something new is astir. Sorry that the photo does not convey the whole picture.
They arrived en masse, midday on December 21, 2012. 30 – 40 of the Angelic Host, disguised as finches (some of them GOLD finches – which we have not seen since summer.) However, we have NEVER, in our five years here on the Oregon Coast, been visited by a FLOCK of finches in the WINTER. So the fact that they showed up this way was something unusual.
Immediately, they set  about spreading their effusive JOY throughout our front yard with their flurry and flutter of wings — flying continuously between the two finch feeders, the bamboo, the hummer feeder (poor little hummer — he couldn’t even get to his dish, as so many finches were perched upon it.) The many that found no room at these locations, took up residence on the ground under the feeders, becoming a living carpet.
My husband and I were spellbound. We also noticed that our own joy quotient had suddenly increased several levels.”

7 thoughts on “Evidence of Our New Reality

  1. I went to a gathering hereon Kauai a few days ago that was sponsored by GMO FREE KAUAI. The event featured guest speaker Vandana Shiva, an incredible Indian woman who is both a physicist and philosopher, a world speaker and tireless worker for the freedom of farmers to farm as they wish. She has been a loud voice objecting to the atrocities of GMOs. As it turned out, there was a standing-room-only crowd, with people sitting in the isles of the convention hall where she spoke. What I noticed about the crowd was how respectful everyone was. At times everyone was so quiet and attentive that you could literally hear a pin drop .And this was a huge crowd of over 1600 people!! There were also many standing ovations for Dr. Shiva as well as the other people who spoke. It was just amazing. In addition, I snuck out of the auditorium between speakers to go to the bathroom. I was surprised to see that there was quite a long line there. While I was waiting to get into the bathroom I noticed that all the women seemed to be smiling at each other. Then one woman suggested that maybe we didn’t really need to flush the toilets after every use, acknowledging that it took 7 gallons of water for each flush. That idea caught on immediately, and when a woman came out of a stall she would say, with a smile, “I didn’t flush”! There was a decision made to flush after only every 4th use! I’ve never experienced anything quite like this. And lastly, several of the speakers talked about the need to end GMO activity on Kauai and evict Monsanto, but it was within the context of being peaceful and the word love was used several times. The whole experience as so NOT 3D!

    • Thank you for this report and update on your process of eliminating GMO farming from Kauai. The new way is of love, respect and innovation (every 4th flush.) Dr. Shiva is a powerful and respected activist and leader. She has made a huge difference in farming in India, where there has been a high suicide rate among small farmers, who were pushed to ruin by corporate agriculture. Vandana Shiva took up the cause of the small farmer (a 5,000 year tradition in India) and the Indian people raised their voices and their votes against GMOs and mega-farming, bringing back organic family and now, cooperative farming. It is a triumph of the people for their land. I am thrilled to see this happening in your state, as this bodes well for the rest of the US. All the best in this endeavor, Alia

    • I think I saw my first Starship today. Tomas and I have been walking on the beach at sunset for the last three evenings. Each time a bright “star” has appeared just a few minutes after sunset. However, this “star” looked too close to Earth to be a “star” and it was the only one in the sky. So tonight, I watched it and asked it to let me know if it was a ship. After watching a short while, I thought I saw it move. Nothing dramatic or erratic, just a slow, smooth movement — up – left – down – up – right – down. I called Tomas over and he looked. He saw movement also, except we didn’t always agree on what direction it was going. I just went out and looked again. Now it looks more like a star. I’ll keep talking to it.

  2. I have a friend who stewards a portion Bear Creek in Southern Oregon. She told me recently that she saw huge salmon in the creek and her first thought was “why is a shark in the creek?”. She states that the size and quantity are causing excitement and great hope. Her joy and amazement reminded me once again that Gaia is taking her body and it’s inhabitants to new and beautiful realms and Nature is calling on us to take notice! Excitement builds!

    • Thanks for this piece of evidence my Friend. The Natural World has no resistance to Mother Gaia’s bright new energy and puts it right to work. Love and hugs, Alia

      On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 9:31 AM, 13th Paradigm

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