Meditation for Peace in the USA — Every Four Hours

OK Ascension Trekkers — this is where the rubber meets the road. It’s time to respond to violence and chaos with prayer and Light. A request has come from an Asian-based group called We Love Mass Meditation. These folks coordinate meditations for every hour of the day and night for and in response to every volatile and emergent situation worldwide. The situation in the United States has reached a critical condition that could deteriorate into Civil War, if not met with conscious, unified, round-the-clock vigilance in the form of mass meditations for peace and healing.

I have done many of these meditations over the years but became very active this past winter, working with meditations for planetary liberation, stabilizing the global financial system, relief in Australia during the wildfires and most recently in early April to re-establish the highest timeline for Humanity and erase the Coronavirus from the surface of the planet.

I love working with these folks — they set up the times and have the time zones all configured for each meditation. Some start on the hour, some the quarter hour and some the half hour. Many are done round the clock, every four hours, as this one is recommended. The global synchronization allows for the maximum unified intent at any given time.

The most powerful tool we have now is to unite our consciousness with one focused intention and hold it together for 10 – 15 minutes. There are thousands of meditators joining these sessions. People worldwide are recognizing that whatever is happening in one part of the globe is affecting all of the globe. Thus, many Americans joined the meditations to quell the Australian wildfires and I have joined meditations to prevent the outbreak of war with Iran. I have full faith that there are people all around our planet who are meditating for peace and healing in the United States.

I have 15 minutes before the next meditation begins. This will be my third time today that I have joined the masses to visualize a peaceful outcome for my homeland. I invite you to join me at least once a day until this situation is defused. Thank you for doing so.


Time zone City #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
HST Honolulu 02:15p 06:15p 10:15p 02:15a 06:15a 10:15a
PDT Los Angeles 05:15p 09:15p 01:15a 05:15a 09:15a 01:15p
MDT Denver 06:15p 10:15p 02:15a 06:15a 10:15a 02:15p
CDT Chicago 07:15p 11:15p 03:15a 07:15a 11:15a 03:15p
EDT New York 08:15p 12:15a 04:15a 08:15a 12:15p 04:15p
BRT Rio de Janeiro 09:15p 01:15a 05:15a 09:15a 01:15p 05:15p
UTC Reykjavik 12:15a 04:15a 08:15a 12:15p 04:15p 08:15p
BST London 01:15a 05:15a 09:15a 01:15p 05:15p 09:15p
CEST Berlin 02:15a 06:15a 10:15a 02:15p 06:15p 10:15p
EET Cairo 02:15a 06:15a 10:15a 02:15p 06:15p 10:15p
MSK Moscow 03:15a 07:15a 11:15a 03:15p 07:15p 11:15p
ICT Bangkok 07:15a 11:15a 03:15p 07:15p 11:15p 03:15a
CST Taipei 08:15a 12:15p 04:15p 08:15p 12:15a 04:15a
JST Tokyo 09:15a 01:15p 05:15p 09:15p 01:15a 05:15a
AEST Sydney 10:15a 02:15p 06:15p 10:15p 02:15a 06:15a
NZST Auckland 12:15p 04:15p 08:15p 12:15a 04:15a 08:15a


5 thoughts on “Meditation for Peace in the USA — Every Four Hours

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    • Many appreciations Linda for sharing this important message with your network. Our unified, conscious intent is a formidable force that neutralizes the efforts of those who would deceive, destroy or conquer. The old saying: “Whatever the problem, Love is the answer,” applies NOW, more than ever. Thanks for focusing your intent on Peace and Healing for the US and worldwide, Alia

  2. Thank you so much for this Alia, and remarkably… I subscribe to this channel, but had not received an update for it.. I have already been praying, meditating for peace in the USA… The USA is a pivotal time line at the moment… And we all need to step up and use what energy means we have to send so that the negative forces do not get a foothold into their future agenda’s.. You can rest assured At my BST time I will be sending later this afternoon…
    Much love and many thanks again….
    Love Sue ❤

    • Thank you so much Sue. It’s really all hands on deck worldwide and I love the fact that this particular meditation extends the prayers and healing to all conflicts worldwide, as well as healing. What the would-be controllers feel most is an awake and aware and united collective. Their worst fears are coming true and the old playbook is not working so well, as it is not supported by Source.. So I may be right there with you Sue, unless your BST is the middle of my night. but then, that’s part of the elegance of this globally synced system — you are up when I am not and the prayer wheel keeps turning. Blessings, Alia

      • Exactly Alia… and what their most afraid of is our capacity to LOVE…. ❤ I usually meditate around 5pm… So there is one 5 15pm… which is perfect… I take myself off upstairs while hubby catches up with the news updates which are meant to drain even the most highest evolved person LOL… I find myself getting angry with their lies… So do not watch ANY news if I can avoid it… So this is perfect timing for me.. 🙂 <3.. Thank you again Alia… ❤ Sue

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