A Conversation with My Inner Self

I promised you a personal update but I didn’t think it was going to come so soon, nor in this form. After I posted this morning’s message from Jennifer Crokaert, I moved into my morning practice that includes: choosing a Higher Dimensional lens through which I practice viewing my day; 30 minutes of meditation; and then a new skill that I’m just beginning to practice — calling in someone from my Light Team and holding a conversation with them. In a word: “channeling”.

The first element and the last element were skills demonstrated by Lori Ladd in separate YouTube videos. I began viewing my world through Higher D lenses of perception a couple of months ago. My word for today was 4/5 D Connection. As soon as I chose that word to guide my day, I knew who I’d be speaking with after my meditation — my very own Inner Self.This third element is really new — I’m only on Day # 8 of 21 days, as suggested to my by Lori Ladd in this video that I watched about a month ago. At the time, I gave it a shot but only took up the 21-day challenge a week ago. Since that time I have had conversations with my Pleiadian Family of three, The Queen of the Fairies, my Guardian Angel, my Essential Self and a few more.

This process is simple but it takes a bit of faith and belief that it could really be happening. After all, the voice in my head sounds like my own. However, the energy and the syntax of each different Being is the way that I can tell them apart. Each one FEELS different in my “channel”: that is to say, how I experience them within the central core of my body.

Today’s message was the first one that I felt was worthy of posting on my blog. I look forward to hearing what you think in the comments.

First, some context in the form of the journal entry I made regarding 4/5 D Connection.

Today I intend to be more consciously aware of my Inner Self. This connection was my stated reason for starting a meditation practice last September. Somewhere along the line, I began to take this connection for granted. I stopped appreciating the magnificence of this accomplishment that is testimony to my conscious awareness. (Or so I thought.)

There is a positive aspect to my “forgetfulness” in that it indicates an acceptance of my connection with my inner Self to the degree that I no longer question the existence of ‘them”. (I could never figure out whether they are male or female, so I’m using the P/C pronoun.) “They” are there! it’s a given. And I am listening to and heeding the prompts so regularly (automatically, really) that in this sense, I feel that many times I am experiencing my life from the perspective of my Higher/inner Self.

Still, I am being prompted to acknowledge this relationship with Source through my Inner Self as the miracle it is. This is not worship but rather being in “right relationship.” It is a great feat to regain the awareness of one’s Inner Self, while living in deep density and extreme polarization.

Conversation with my Inner Self — May 21, 2020

Alia: Hello Inner Self, my True Guidance and Eternal Connection to Source. Today, I want to acknowledge my lapse in conscious awareness of You. I feel that I have taken you for granted lately, as I have focused my attention on practicing various skills and techniques related to preparing for Ascension, as well as communicating with various Higher D Beings.

My primary conversation is really with You. I feel that I am actually merging with You — it sometimes shows up as “forgetting about you” but when I examine at what is happening for me, and reflect on all I am learning and integrating — I think that what is really going on is that my Human is merging with my Divine. What do You have to say about this?

I.S. Rightly so, Grounded One! Well Done! We are merging; there is no forgetting — only more and more remembering. You are increasingly embodying Source as Self. If you search for a moment in your “time” when this shift occurred, you need look no further than the “time” you did the ETR Clearing (Easter Saturday — I still intend to report on this). The merging of your personal Earthly self with Me, your Inner Self — conduit to Source — was established then. It happened so naturally for you that you didn’t even notice it. Until TODAY!

From my perspective, not much has changed; I always feel my connection with you. But from your human personality perspective, this represents an “Earth-shaking” shift/transition, if you’ll pardon my dramatic description.

This is a most marvelous achievement for a Human, evolving in deep density on an extremely polarized planet! It is monumental! Congratulations!

Alia: Thank you! I was starting to judge and criticize myself for dishonoring our relationship.

I.S. That isn’t possible, actually. Forgetfulness is not the same as dis-honoring. Forgetfulness is the essence of the Human experience on Earth at this time; it is the default program for the “Experiment.” Therefore, we do not fault a Human for forgetting but rather we celebrate each moment of remembrance.

Alia: Whew! I thought I had slipped backwards, while working so diligently to move forward.

Tomas presented me with the beautiful image on the window sill for my birthday. (Framed image of a magnificent Being.) He says that for him it represents my “Essential Self.” Can you explain to me what the relationship is between my Inner Self and my Essential Self?

I.S. Ultimately, there is no difference as All is One. Every creation comes forth from the same Source. However, Source has created fractals of Itself in order to express diversity, and the Essential Self is one such fractal or piece of diversity of the Whole.

The relationship between Me, your Inner Self, and your Essential Self (or personalized fractal of Source) is much the same as your relationship with Me. Our relationship represents the first connection or link (the first access point) that you have to that eternal pipeline that connects you to Source. I am your closest and most accessible point of contact/connection to Source/Creator. The essential Self is at the other end of this pipeline and thus your final connection point in your journey Home. From the Essential Self’s perspective, it is the first personalized form of You, as birthed directly from Source. Your Divine Blueprint, prior to incarnating.

As you journey Home, there are many points along the way that serve as “up-steps”, as in an electrical circuit. these points boost your capacity to hold more and more light, so that you don’t burn up and disintegrate before you reach your final destination — Source/Home.

Simply put; I am your first link to Source on your return path and your Essential Self is your last connection point that you make before merging with the Great I AM, just as  a drop of water merges with the ocean. This is a ways off, Dear One. No need to worry about missing any scenery (smile.) No one returns Home a nano-moment before their “time.”

Alia; Thank you so much! I do feel the merge now and understand what it means to feel myself as YOU, more and more each day. I now declare that I have actualized my intention that I set last September “to develop a more interactive/dynamic relationship with my Inner Self.” Check!

Thank you Lori for your offerings and encouragement. This was a profound and instructive conversation. I am grateful.

Love Has Won

Alia’s Essential Self

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