Spring Has Sprung!

Though the title of this post tends toward cliche, it truly does describe the nearly instantaneous “popping into bloom” of some of our flowering tress and bushes here at Lost Valley Community.

About 10 days ago, I noticed the faintest white haze appearing on the branches of a tree in our front yard. The next morning, I was treated to this amazing sight!

Flowering Tree Bloomed “Overnight.”

In late February our first wildflowers, The Snow Queen, arrived in ones and twos along our paths. We had to squint to make sure something was there. Now the Snow Queens line the paths through our forest and are blooming out into the forest itself.

Snow Queens Grace Our Paths

The next flower to appear was the Oregon Spring Beauty! They first looked like little bells on thin stems. They were rare at first and are now also everywhere. Their four-petal pale pink-white flowers have opened more and are not so bell-like but mixed in with the Snow Queens they make a beautiful contrast of shape and color.

Oregon Spring Beauty

Another flowering shrub that was one of the first to leaf is the Indian (as in Native American) Plum. They began to bud and leaf out in late February.

Indian Plum Leaves Emerging in Late February. They Looked Like Green Butterflies.

Someone told me at the time that soon these bushes would be covered in white flowers. By mid-March, the leaves had matured and sported tiny bunches of white blossoms from the ends of each leaf.

Like Tiny Christmas Ornaments, the Indian Plum Blossoms Dangled from Each Leaf.

Now come the Trillium, three large leaves and prominent white flowers on short stems. They are currently having their moment in the forest.

A Quartet of Trillium along One of My favorite Forest Paths.

And the moss that looks like tiny ferns borders every forest path, creating intense green runners, pulling the eye along.

Moss-Bordered Path

Moss-Covered Rock

I don’t always follow the forest trails. Every now and then I stretch my legs in the greater neighborhood which takes me off the property and into wider views. Down the road apiece two creeks converge: Lost Creek and Anthony Creek. I took an early morning walk and caught the confluence in that light.

Confluence of Lost and Anthony Creeks


My walk then continues along Anthony Creek Rd. which borders the back edge of our property. Open pastures greet the eye on the north side; thick forest borders the road on the south and west sides. Here is a shot of the pasture in December when I first arrived here.

Horse Grazing on Winter Pasture along Anthony Creek Rd. December 2016

Here is the scene that greeted me as I turned the corner from Lost Valley Ln. onto Anthony Creek Rd. three months later.

Anthony Creek Rd. Pasture

The sparseness of winter transforms into the lushness of spring. The change amazes me each year. My son accuses me of saying : “This is the greenest spring I have every seen.” each year, every year. It’s probably true; I love the greening season.

Life generates Life — a grand and glorious cycle! I am blessed to be land-based and revel in the joy of it.

Happy Spring!


8 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!

  1. This was a wonderful walk you took me through Alia.. Spring is such a beautiful time, after the Big Winter Sleep.. So loved seeing those Snow Queens and Spring Beauties ..
    Enjoy your Spring garden my friend.. And your weekend..
    So loved all of your photo’s
    Enjoy 🙂

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