Trusting the “Container”


The Container

Since Tomas and I moved to our new Community in December, we have participated in many group processes from forums, to bi-weekly community meetings, to multiple-stage interviews of resident-applicants, as we move through the year-long process toward becoming full members.

A few times these meetings have concerned matters that required high levels of trust and discernment from those who chose to participate. Sometimes these “tricky” issues related to policies that needed updating (such as, now that recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Oregon, how do we amend our current policy to include this and the impact of potential second-hand smoke on fellow residents?) Sometimes, these tricky matters pertained to individuals whose conduct or alignment with overall community goals and visions was in question.

Either way, some of these meetings were approached with a certain amount of anxiety.

Each time that Tomas and I participated in these sessions, we felt a new level of trust in what we have come to call “The Container.” The Container in this case is the space of commitment that is held by the community members — not only those who attend but the ones who attend in spirit. There is a dedication to truth and compassionate investigation among us as a body that impresses us more each time we experience it.

Even when we do not reach a clear outcome, we feel gratified that those of us who gathered to put our attention on a particular sticky matter have given our best efforts toward reaching the best solution for all concerned. We trust The Container to hold the matter safely and lovingly, until the outcome is clear.

Universal Container

Universal Container

And so it is with the world at large: I am taking a position that “The Universal Container” is holding this very tricky and sticky global/solar system/galactic wide situation in a safe and compassionate embrace. We can relax, knowing that The Universal Container is there for us until the Situation is clear or at least the Direction is clear.

Some more Patience will surely be required.

With that, I introduce you to a new concept to me: Particle Convergence.

As I read this article by Tiara Kumara on Golden Age of Gaia, I resonated with the ideas that there is soooooo much more going on than what is playing across the evening news (mainstream or alternative) or anything we can even imagine.

We are being held in A Macro-cosmic Container so huge and unbelievably benevolent that we need “fear no evil,” as the 23rd Psalm says.

I hope you will take the time to at least catch the flavor of this article. It gives me great hope and is corroborated by my experiences with The Container of my mico-cosmic experiences.



19 thoughts on “Trusting the “Container”

  1. I resonate with your being patient and trusting that everything is perfectly as it is. In the meanwhile we are each remembering how important it is to trust ourself and our community… have bookmarked the link and will read it later this weekend. Much love to you Alia x Barbara
    p.s. on another note, would you be interested in participating in my guest blogger/author feature? Please read all about it in my post here… looking forward to hearing from you x

  2. A lovely reminder that what we see with our eyes is so little as compared to the love that holds us all perfectly in its endless container. It is helpful to be reminded to trust, relax, go with the quiet thread that slips through all of us…

    Peace and Love

  3. I thought there is no time like the present! πŸ™‚ so off I went to read..

    Yes I did enjoy both the site and the article Alia.. And totally agree we are all changing within our frequencies as our Earth Mother is shifting and altering hers.. I pay particular attention to my body.. I rest and sleep when the need arises.. Sleep connects us at that deeper level to enable us to transform as our bodies are altering..
    We may not understand just how much we are changing.. But we are and the collective is doing a lot of releasing of old stagnant energies right now..
    Many thanks for pointing me to the site.. some very interesting articles on there too xx ❀ Hugs Sue

    • Thanks for reading this Sue and for visiting the website. I have not done that yet but I will, encouraged by your browsing. I thought this was a unique perspective that I was unaware of in these specific terms (in general I’ve been aware of these things for decades.) When I try to make mental sense of what is going on in the world and what the outcome might be, I go nuts. But when I remember that there is a Greater Plan and a Universal Container, I relax and go back to sending Light and Love to the Whole, trusting that we are in for an AWESOME outcome.

      • πŸ™‚ yes it can drive us nuts Alia if we are not aligned and know that ALL is connected.. And the Universe has a plan… We are all but jigsaw pieces within it.. But now we are finally slotting and putting those pieces together… We live in interesting Times.. Times we came here for.. πŸ™‚ xx

  4. You know Alia.. listening to your Community and seeing how you are all working together.. I see in the distant future that this trusting and working things out among ourselves will in the future be the way forward..

    I look forward to reading later this weekend the article you have so kindly linked us to.. I am a great believer in us all being PART of the WHOLE.. and that includes us being within the UNIVERSE and within Mass Consciousness.
    Everything moves within our energy and each of our own particular paths affects another even if it is in a small way..
    Its like the Butterfly wing.. We all of us have that ripple effect..

    Many thanks for this post and I look forward to reading more.. xxx

    • “Everything moves within our energy and each of our own particular paths affects another even if it is in a small way..”

      I had not put this together before but the word “particular” refers to “particle” — same root — and the article is titled Particle Convergence. I remember Harmonic Convergence. This August is the 30th Anniversary of that momentous occasion. Perhaps this is the next bump up on the spiral – eh?

      • Haha… Yes… we are all of us made of Energy.. We are all Particles upon our particular path.. colliding.. along our various pathways affecting the WHOLE.. πŸ™‚ When we see that.. we see how also we can affect our surroundings.. with our thoughts.. The first point of creation in our own energy fields.. of our intent.. There are two types of energy positive and Neg.. Energy is Energy.. it doesn’t know Good from Bad.. Its all about Balance… A little like our recipes.. two sweet or two sour… not so good.. πŸ™‚ lol.. And the Spiral.. Yes.. we are ever turning within our cycles.. πŸ™‚ learning and growing.. Through both types of Energy.. Because without one we would not know the other.. πŸ™‚

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