I thank Lisa at Playamart Zebra Designs for bringing this to my attention. Upon watching this video I commented that Tomas and I had experienced this kind of eye to eye connection with people in Morocco — even with perfect strangers! People would surprise us with their Presence, even in casual conversation — they were really THERE with us. We quickly learned to match them and as a result gained many close and lasting friendships in a culture that is quite different from our native one. We learned that people are people and that it is possible to connect deeply with others, in spite of such differences when we look through our eyes with our hearts open, or at least be willing to let our hearts open in the process. Enjoy this documentation of hearts opening, Alia

The Panama Adventure

What do we need as human beings to survive? food, shelter, reproduction, connection. We are social beings. Babies literally die without human touch and connection. Adults don’t do well either, mentally or physically, without human connection.

I saw this video recently HERE. Amnesty International conducted an experiment. They put refugees from Somalia and Syria in front of individuals from Europe and the instructions were to just look into each others eyes for four minutes. They were hoping that this looking at each other would be the start of a connection and a realization of shared humanity. As you will see, it worked.

I have said many times that I am so happy here in Panama, and the main reason is the people. I feel like they really SEE me. When they look at me, talk with me, and smile at me I feel that connection. Of course I had…

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2 thoughts on “Connection

  1. Wow.. what an exceptional post.. and so apt right now for what we are witnessing in our world..
    I came via Alia’s reblog of your post.. The video made me weep and with your permission I would love to reblog it on my site..

    Here today in cities around the UK many with multicultural communities they have been taking to the streets in peaceful support to their Muslim neighbors and those not of UK origins. And what I see happening despite all the Divisions and hatred being vented I see the other side of the coin..

    I see a world waking up and uniting for what is right.. I see a world now standing up to say NO to segregation, racism, and bigotry . We may be witnessing chaotic times to come.. But let us see also what it may well release to the surface of all those who so far have sat silently by doing nothing..

    We saw it in the Womans World March.. 2017 is a time for change and I hope it Unites us and does not divide us..

    Love and Blessings

    ❤ The above is what I left upon your friends blog xxx thank you again Alia for sharing it

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